Atlanta Reign’s Dogman Shaves Head After Reaching Sub Goal, Donates Money To Coronavirus Efforts

Atlanta Reign’s flex-support Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman took full advantage of the Overwatch League’s temporary lapse in play during a recent Twitch stream. In the stream, Dogman would shave his head once he reached his 100 new sub goal over its duration. Within an hour, Dogman reached 100 new subscribers while playing some Overwatch matches and he had no choice but to follow through on his promise.

A few of his teammates relished in the fact they were able to shave his head and with a scuffed green screen to simulate being in a barber-shop, it was an entertaining sight to be had as they experimented with various hairstyles during the process. After the stream ended, Dogman donated $100 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO).

For those wanting to check out the entire stream, you can do so right here.

Dogman took in one step further in challenging some of the biggest names in streaming like TimTheTatman, Shroud and Summit1g to participate in what is now dubbed the #QuarantineChallenge in hopes of raising support (and money) for COVID-19 relief.

It’s nice seeing a figure within the Overwatch League community showing support for the Coronavirus relief effort in a fun and engaging way, utilizing the newfound “free-time” some might be experiencing due to social distancing and the workforce and schooling landscape changing drastically. It isn’t clear if Dogman’s challenge will go answered, but the effort was there and it is sure appreciated.

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