Copenhagen Games 2020 canceled amid coronavirus outbreak

Another event has felt the wrath of the coronavirus outbreak with Copenhagen Games shutting down its plans for its 2020 event. This is the first-ever Copenhagen Games that has been cancelled since the event made its debut in 2010.

Slotted to start on April 8th, the current concerns around COVID-19 have caused the closing of the Denmark borders along with local governments taking extreme precautions in the hopes of thwarting the spread of the outbreak.

“This is the first time Copenhagen Games has been cancelled since our start in 2010 and partners, players, crew, and everyone that has been preparing for the event are hurt by the necessity of this — not only financially, but emotionally,” Copenhagen Games CEO Zahid Butt said in the official post on the organizations website.

“I am very grateful for all your support in terms of being part of the event — without all of you, Copenhagen Games would not exist at all. I am sorry that we cannot go through with the event and sorry for any inconvenience that this is creating for you.

But of course, this is a necessary step in the fight against COVID-19. Health comes first, even if we have to say goodbye to doing things we love. As an event organizer; we have a responsibility for the wellbeing of everyone at our event — be it guests, players, crew or partners. We fully support the decision by the Danish government to help flatten the curve and get us to the other side of this pandemic,” Butt explained.

Recently both ESL Pro League and FLASHPOINT had to move their leagues to online for the same reason. Many of this year’s events are being moved to online and those that can’t are unfortunately forced to cancel.

At this time there’s no timetable as to when fans will be able to return to live events.

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