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More coaching moves are away in the Overwatch League. The Dallas Fuel, a team that happened to disappoint in the playoffs this year, had to make changes. Fans were questioning how big these changes would be for the Fuel. Would it be as big as the moves for the London Spitfire? Or would it be more slow and specific? These changes have already started, with the Dallas Fuel parting ways with assistant coach Min-Gyu “Vol’Jin” Kang. This assistant coach was with the team since their inaugural season.

His three seasons with the Fuel

Vol’Jin was part of Dallas from the start, under three different head coaches and alongside five different assistants. Dallas has been known as an organization hunting for a team as good as its fanbase, and are still in pursuit. This was shown in their acceptance to adapt, but also to a fault. With all the releases from players to coaches, the team never really had an identity for longer than a couple months. This was also shown in their regular season finishes, never getting higher than tenth place.

While this wasn’t specifically a Vol’Jin issue, their most recent performance in the league didn’t show much hope for the team. They lost to an underdog Washington Justice squad that ended up getting third place in the North American playoffs. Changes in the staff and players were going to happen — that wasn’t a controversial thought. Especially with Dallas’ tendency to fix issues by sending people away or trading.

The assistant coach might not be the biggest move to come, but it does look like this departure was needed. The Dallas Fuel are still in need of having an admirable regular season, despite having one of the largest fanbases in the league and being in the league for all three seasons. This is the domino that will lead this team to a different mindset. It has to be a better one, for their sake.

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