Indonesia recognizes esports as an official sport

Indonesia Ministry of Youth and Esports along with the National Sports Committee (KONI) in the country have officially recognized esports as a sport discipline during the 2020 National Conference of Central KONI held August 25-27.

During the conference, the Indonesia government also appointed Indonesia Esports Managing Committee (PB ESI) as the only institution that can cover esports in Indonesia under KONI.

Pengurus Besar Esports Indonesia (PB Esports Indonesia) is an institution that “accommodates and oversees esports activities in Indonesia, including regulation, outreach, tournaments and leagues, development of athletes and esports teams, esports tourism, and fostering young athletes. PB Esports Indonesia is chaired by (Retired) Police General Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan S.H., M.Si., and has the vision to develop and promote a stable esports ecosystem,” says the institution on the official website.

Foto: Rapat Kerja Nasional KONI Pusat

Esports recognition as a sports branch will bring the possibility of any esports tournament to be included in the nationwide official sports competitions, such as National Sports Week.

At the same conference held this week, the Daily Chairman of PB ESI explained that esports deserve to be recognized as an official sport as it implies skills, agility and strategy, some of the most important tools of any sports athlete. He also pointed out that esports competitions have already been held as a part of the national or international events held in Indonesia such as Asian Games 2018 and SEA Games 2019. Some Indonesian esports teams also have won worldwide competitions, such as EVOS Esports at the M1 World Championship, and Bigetron Esports who have won the PUBG Mobile Open Fall Split Global Finals 2019.

The Secretary-General of the KONI, Ade Lukman, also expressed his support for Indonesian esports. “KONI fully supports the development of esports in Indonesia. Hopefully, under PB ESI, the Indonesian athletes and esports teams can create achievements at the international level and make us proud as a country,” he said during the conference.

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