MLBB MPL-PH team Omega talk their loved & hated playstyle, improvements, and more [Interview]

VPEsports had the chance to talk with Omega ahead of Season 6 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines. Set to kick off tomorrow on August 20th, the sixth season is looking to be one for the books and will have $120,000 (₱6,000,000) on the line. Omega will open up Season 6 on August 23rd against Blacklist International.

In this interview the Omega roster talks about their loved & hated playstyle, improvements, who they’d pick as an additional player, last seasons performance, and more.

VPEsports: You guys have come up in some of the other interviews with teams like Blacklist International saying you’re the least fun team to play due to your “hit and don’t get hit” playstyle. On the other side, BREN Esports’ Lusty said you’re the most fun to play because you have a similar playstyle. Have any thoughts/responses to that?

Omega: Our playstyle differs against one team to another as we prepare differently as per our match-ups. And we agreed that Bren is our most similar playstyle in MPL PH.

VPEsports: Omega made it to the lower bracket semifinals last season, but what are your thoughts on the team’s overall performance from Season 5?

Omega: We actually expected to play in the finals, hence we fell short of our expectations. To add to that, we had tough matchups in the Playoffs.

VPEsports: What are the biggest improvements your team has made since last season / what are the biggest improvements your team needs to make?

Omega: Our biggest improvement is our flexibility after we acquired GeekFam PH’s KurtTzy in the offseason. To add to that we are now rotating a 6-man team that can play any position.

VPEsports: If MLBB moved to six players (seven for you all I guess!) and you could pick ANY player to join your lineup, who would you pick? Why?

Omega: We’ll field our current 6-man team. But if we need to pick, it would definitely be KarlTzy as he is already comfortable and familiar with our current roster.

VPEsports: The Aura PH (formerly Sunsparks) lineup has cemented itself as the best team in the region. What do you think their strengths are that set them apart from the rest? How can you improve to compete with them?

Omega: We can say that their strength is that they are one of the teams in PH that are already known and established their playstyle which they can call their own. Most teams only tend to adapt and copy what other known teams are playing.

VPEsports: Which member of Omega is the most vocal and which is the most quiet? Does this cause any conflict?

Omega: Kenji is the most vocal in-game, and Heath is the most quiet. No, it does not cause any conflict at all.

VPEsports: What is your team’s best composition of heroes?

Omega: We are currently preparing different set of heroe compositions. But can say that Layla and Aldous is our best as of this moment

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