Team Secret almost pull a four Spirits prank on Team Spirit

Team Secret and Team Spirit are the top two seeds in Group B at ESL One Los Angeles Online and today the CIS squad was given the chance to take down the Goliath.

Game one was almost like Secret were toying with Team Spirit. In what was a very dominant game from the top European team of the moment, Team Spirit got baited in crucial moments and lost objectives to Secret’s split push power with Lycan and Nature’s Prophet. They lost the bottom tier three tower and the melee barracks by getting lured into a Roshan pit fight while Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen was in their base.

In a rather similar fashion, Secret secured the mega creeps by forcing a team fight in the Team Spirit jungle, while the same Lycan took down the last baracks.

Having an easy game one, Team Secret seemed to have had a diabolical plan to defeat Team Spirit with the four Spirit brothers. They opened the draft with Oracle and Earth Spirit and continued to pick Void and Ember Spirit in the second phase. However, while they were busy securing the Spirits, their opponents found the room to cheese them with a Meepo pick and forced captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov to ignore the Storm Spirit in favor of a Morphling last pick for Michał “Nisha” Jankowski.

Despite having the Meepo on their side, Team Spirit were not able to close the game early and got into a stage where their powerful hero was fading away. Luckily for them, Anton “DyrachYO” Shkredov on Lifestealer stepped up in the mid-late game stage and was the front liner the team needed to hold the grip onto the game and force a game three from Secret.

In the last game of the series, Team Secret retaliated back with a cheese strat of their own and closed the draft with MATUMBAN’s signature Broodmother. Team Spirit stood no chance against the Spider master and lost the matchup in 23 minutes after securing just four kills.

Today’s victory consolidates Team Secret top seed with an overall 5-0 score so far in the group play while Team Spirit are now tied with Chicken Fighters on the 2nd-3rd spot with a 3-2 series score.

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