Red Dead Online: Every Trinket Ranked By Effect

Players have a choice on their hands in Red Dead Online when they try to decide between working with Gus MacMillan and Harriet Davenport. Harriet is the more peaceful of the two and her maps are helpful to naturalists and hunters alike. But Gus has all of the trinkets and that’s a host of upgrades too good to pass up.

Unlike Red Dead Redemption 2, the base game, you’re not limited to the benefits of each trinket. If you get all five trinkets, you’ll get all five effects. However, money is not unlimited and killing the legendary animal associated with each needs to be prioritized due to players camping spawn points. So grab your best weapons, a lot of patience, get a stack of cash, and help yourself to some permanent upgrades!

Ram Horn Trinket

  • Double yields when picking Creeping Thyme, Oregano, and Wild Mint.

For some players, this could easily be their favorite trinket. These three herbs are the ones that combine with meat to increase your core values. If you’re constantly running out of this, go ahead and move this to your top spot.

The issue with it is that most players are going to be plucking herbs as they come across them which is more than enough to stay maxed out. With your bags constantly overflowing with these, you’re usually waiting on meat and not herbs, rendering this trinket effectively useless.

Javelina Tusk Trinket

  • Increases horse bonding by 10%.

Unless you’re buying horses like it’s nobody’s business, this trinket is probably just a pleasant surprise at best. Players that make a slight effort can max out their companionship in a single gaming session. Experts that cheese the game can do it in a few minutes.

Still, it’s nice to have and it’s helpful for those unfortunate situations where you have lost a horse and need to get another one off and running.

Beaver Tooth Trinket

  • Slows the degradation of weapons by 10%.

Less weapon degradation means more shooting and more money saved. You won’t need to make as many trips to the gunsmith just to keep the guns you have in tip-top shape. This does the job of a wrap without needing to spend the money.

What’s more, pistols and revolvers that can’t be wrapped will still benefit from this trinket, making it a unique buff of their longevity in the field. A penny saved is a penny earned and this will save quite a few pennies.

Snowy Egret Trinket

  • Decreases horse stamina and health core drain by 10%.

No, it’s not a 10% increase to stamina and health. If it were, this might be the best trinket in the game without a debate. Even so, this will help your horse regenerate quicker, which can translate to a 10% increase over time.

Even if the boost is slight, think of how many times you run out of juice right before the finish line or riding into cover. If you play often enough, this is an issue and this trinket alleviates the problem well.

Buck Antler Trinket

  • 10% chance of receiving better quality pelts from animals in perfect condition.

The tooltip doesn’t list the exact percentage, but the community has done some trial and error and found that the odds are about 10%. This is a moneymaker in the long run and can even save you real-life dollars by boosting your in-game monetary supply.

You should probably only be shooting at perfect animals anyhow, so a boost beyond perfect will have a chance to activate on most hunted animals. The extra money goes the extra distance in any line of work, especially for traders and naturalists.

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