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Overwatch League (OWL) 2020 has been interesting the say the least. With a rocky start, MVP awards, extra achievements, and Grand Finals announcement. Now, the Grand Finals is just around the corner. And on top of the Grand Finals, there’s the 2020 All-Stars event. The All-Stars are the top players in the OWL from Asia and North America as voted by the fans. Both events will take place October 3. To celebrate, the Overwatch 2020 All-Star skins are here!

Overwatch 2020 All-Star skins

Every year, Overwatch releases the All-Star skins. Last year we had Atlanta Mercy and Pacific Lúcio. Back in 2018, we had Atlantic Tracer and Pacific Genji. This year we have D.Va and Reinhardt. D.Va’s skin appears to be a similar blue to Atlanta’s Mercy and Tracer. Then there’s Reinhardt. He’s sporting an orangey, neon-green like skin. This is similar to Lúcio’s Pacific green from 2019. It’s not officially announced, but we can take a pretty good guess that we have Atlantic D.Va and Pacific Reinhardt.

Both skins drop into Overwatch from September 29 to October 12. Remember, these are limited edition. So if you miss out, they’re gone forever. Each skin costs 200 League Tokens which you can earn during the All-Stars event. You can pickup League Tokens by watching live matches on the Overwatch League website, mobile site, and app. You’ll receive five League Tokens for every hour spent watching live matches on one of the sites. Viewing time is accumulated so don’t feel like you have to get all the tokens in one hit. After each hour tokens will be available in your Battle.net account. Don’t forget to link your Battle.net account to the platform you’re watching. Check the website for more info on token drops and how to connect your account.

Get excited, lock this date to your calendar, and start watching to get all those League Tokens. You definitely don’t want to miss adding these All-Star D.Va and Reinhardt skins to your collection.

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