Patch 10.20 "almost final" changes: hotfix to Samira, nerfs and buffs detailed

One day after the announcement of the Patch Preview, Riot Games’ Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends, Mark Yetter, brings us all the details for the next update of the MOBA, which will receive its Patch 10.20 right after the World Championship begins.

With the Preview, we could see that the videogame company intends to bring more power to the top lane, by buffing champions like Ryze, Illaoi, and Aatrox while already strong top laners are receiving buffs to be able to flex to the jungle, like Sion and Urgot.

There were also some surprises, like the nerfs for Kled and Maokai, both strong champions, but pretty out of the metagame right now… but what we didn’t have was numbers.

Finally, today we have known in detail what modifications will all the announced champions receive with Patch 10.20

Buffed Champions:


Urgot Jungle: its Passive monster cap increases in the early levels, from 60-360 to 100-360; its new ‘W’ deals 50 minimum damage to monsters.

Sion Jungle: his ‘Q’ damage to monsters increases from 100 to 150%.

Aatrox: the ‘R’R healing amp increases in the late levels from 50-70 to 50-100%

Braum: his ‘Q’ damage increases from 60-260 to 75-075, and its mana cost decreases from 55-75 to 45-65.

Illaoi: her Tentacle spawn cooldown is reduced from 20-12 to 20-8 by champ level.

Varus: his ‘E’ damage increases from 50-210 ti 60-220; hir ‘R’ cooldown is also reduced, from 130-70 to 120-60.

Ryze: the ‘Q’ damage is increased from 65-165 to 75-175.

Nerfed Champions:


Kassadin: the ‘Q’ shield is reduced from 60-160 to 40-160.

Katarina: her Passive damage AD ratio is decreased from 100 to 75% bonus AD.

Karthus: its Armor is reduced from 20.88 to 18; and its base HP regeneration decreases from 6.5 to 6.

Maokai: its ‘Q’ damage decreases in the late levels from 70-250 to 70-230.

Nunu: the base armor is reduced from 32 to 29.

Lulu: the changes to this champion are still to be determined.

Kled: his base magic resist will be reduced from 32.1 to 29.


As we mentioned in the Patch Preview, only the “Relentless Hunter” will be changing, but now we know the numbers of the nerf that Riot Games suggest for the next Patch: the Basline OOC MS decreases from 10 to 5, and the OOC MS per stack is reduced from 9 to 8.

As Mark Yetter said in the tweet that announced the changes, these changes are “almost final”, which mean that there will be some new stuff coming, like Lulu’s nerf, and even a hotfix to Samira that will happen with this new Patch 10.20.

The hotfix will depend on the state of the newest League of Legends champ within the next few days, where Riot Games will reevaluate how Samira is performing.

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