People Want to Know What’s Happening With Warframe – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, July 27-Aug. 2

The content status quo remains largely intact, with Just Chatting continuing to strengthen its position as the leading category on Twitch.

Similarly, Félix “xQc” Lengyel remains the top streamer on the platform by a significant margin. His biggest challenger this week was a livestream for Warframe taking the place of the game’s annual convention.

Twitch’s Top Channel – xQc

As has become the norm, Lengyel led the pack this week streaming a wide array of content including the latest trend – a whacky battle-royale-esque title called Fall Guys which borrows inspiration from the TV show Wipeout

Last weekend also featured the annual Warframe convention TennoCon – in livestream-only form due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to panels and reveals regarding new content, the broadcast also featured viewer incentives, driving Warframe players to the broadcast in droves to collect their in-game items just for tuning in. Through its single-day TennoCon broadcast, the Warframe channel generated 1.87M hours watched.

Twitch’s Top Content – Just Chatting

As with the previous week, Just Chatting has once again outperformed all other content categories, leading League of Legends by nearly 10M hours watched. While the presence of Dota 2 esports drove the game up a few spots, the Top 10 remained effectively the same as the previous week – the same 10 games, with minimal shuffling of position.

The next game to potentially break the status quo could be Fall Guys, which landed just outside the Top 10 this week. Players just had limited access to a beta last week, which would have prevented many smaller streamers from accessing the title. New battle royale games tend to perform well on Twitch, and with a unique, non-shooter take on the genre Fall Guys could take hold with variety streamers like Lengyel – even more so with the more archetypal variety streamers that do not have Lengyel’s background in shooter games.

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