Riot Games reveals First Strike VALORANT tournament series

Riot Games has announced its plans to run its own VALORANT tournament titled First Strike. This is Riot’s next step in building up the games esports ecosystem.

They’ve already been partnering with tournament organizers as part of the Ignition Series of events which has already featured over 20 events with over $572,000 in prize money.

First Strike is a set of tournaments that will take place all over the world. Regional finals will take place across eight regions with the top teams from qualifiers earning their place in those events which will be held from December 3rd to 6th.

“First Strike will provide our thriving competitive ecosystem with the platform to showcase their greatness, build regional legacy, and a foundation that will support the esport for years to come,” Riot Games’ Senior Director of Esports, Whalen Rozelle said in the press release.

It’s important to note that due to the ongoing global pandemic the event is slated to be held completely online.

Who can compete? Anyone 16 or over with a rank of Immortal 1 or higher who can get a team together can compete in the qualifiers.

When does it start? The qualifiers are set to begin in mid-October although many details including the exact dates have yet to be announced.

Eight First Strike regions:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • CIS
  • Turkey
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Brazil
  • Middle-East

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