Team Aster and Invictus Gaming take the lead in China DPC League

The tables have turned with the opening series of week three in the China Dota Pro Circuit League.

Team Aster, the uncontested leaders

Team Aster are now on the first spot in the league with a 3-0 series score and a 6-1 overall games score after they fought a nailbiter match-up against EHOME this Tuesday. They opened today’s series with a quick 30-minute victory over their adversaries who ran an Outworld Destroyer-Mirana combo, but who failed to execute the Astral Imprisonment-Arrow combo a few too many times, giving Aster the opportunity to counter attack and punish their mistakes. The second game, however, reached the tier five item drops timing as EHOME ran a Drow Ranger line-up and Aster had a Wraith King to match the right click damage output. Given the fact that both teams had good team-fight setups and both did a great job defending the high ground, the match got to a point where both bases were down to two lanes of barracks and neither team was able to make a successful final push. 

Aster held the gold lead for nearly the entire game and still couldn’t completely outmaneuvered EHOME’s Puck-Mars combo when it came to sieging the Throne. However, they got lucky with a Ballista Neutral Item drop, while EHOME got nothing to really boost their Drow damage, and in the end they won the base race battle to finish a nearly 70 minutes hard fought game.

Invictus Gaming keep the momentum going

Invictus Gaming continued to impress in the third week of the round robin league and are now sitting on the second place in the standings with a commendable victory against Vici Gaming.

VG were the leaders of the China League until today, but got dethroned by iG, who outdrafted and outplayed them to perfection. Game one lasted just 24 minutes as VG revealed a Lycan push plan with their first two picks and got countered with a Sven carry, a Storm Spirit and a Timbersaw, who were able to outpace the Lycan push and outlive the entire VG line-up in teamfights thanks to their Shadow Shaman and Oracle support duo. The second game also went down fast, with iG pressuring their enemies with a mid lane Void Spirit who rushed Spirit Vessel to counter VG’s Bristleback.

The third week of matches will resume on February 5, when Vici Gaming will be getting a chance to reclaim the first position in the league with a series against EHOME, and will end on February 7 with what for many fans is the most anticipated series of the first season of DPC Regional Leagues, PSG.LGD versus Elephant.

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