VALORANT patch 2.00 will buff Brimstone, nerf Omen & Classic pistol

Brimstone and Omen are being targeted in the next VALORANT update alongside the Classic pistol. VALORANT Patch 2.00 isn’t here yet, but we’ve got some early details.

Brimstone is seeing his kit buffed in order to bring him into the fold once more while the other smoke character Omen has seen a nerf.

Brimstone will be able to get his Incendiary for 100 credits less in addition to the equip time being removed from his Stim Beacon. In terms of his Sky Smoke, he can now utilize them at a larger range (4200 -> 5000) and each smoke has an increased duration (+5 seconds).

Omen’s flashes (Paranoia) has double in price (200 -> 400) and his Dark Cover travel speed has been decreased, giving more time for players to react.



  • Cost reduced from 300 >>> 200

Stim Beacon

  • Equip time removed, making it instantly castable

Sky Smoke

  • Cast range increased from 4200 >>> 5000
  • Smoke duration increased from 14.25s >>> 19.25s



  • Cost increased from 200 >>> 400

Dark Cover

  • Travel speed decreased from 4000 >>> 2800

The Classic pistol has received a nerf on its right click which now has a much wider spread according to @ValorLeaks on Twitter.

It’s expected there will be some additional changes as part of VALORANT Patch 2.00 and fans will be waiting in anticipation for the update.


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