Valve release the Collector's Cache Volume II

Earlier this year we saw Valve changing the way in which
submissions were made for the Collector’s Cache, which also resulted in them
stating that we may not get another Cache this year – until today, when they announced
the Collector’s Cache II.

Back in June, the Collector’s Cache submission system was
placed under the scrutiny of the Dota 2 community spotlight, showing that those
who were involved with sets prior to this year’s “call to arms” were able to submit
sets that were over-budget, breaking the restrictions and making the entire
process unfair to many who stuck to the rules. Due to this error and subsequent
change to the system, Valve also stated that it would be unlikely that we would
see a second or third Collector’s Cache this year due to a lack of material for
the chests. However, that has now changed as the Collector’s Cache Volume II
has just been confirmed and released by Valve.

Whether it is because The International 10 prize pool is
teetering on the edge of last years’ once again, or that they simply found
enough to add into the chest, the Collector’s Cache II comes to us with sets
for the likes of Templar Assassin, Faceless Void and Legion Commander – plus a multitude
of others too. As per usual, the cache will only be on sale for a total of 30
days, with the sets only available from this item’s purchase: except for the
Ultra Rare Legion Commander set.

Collector’s Cache Volume II has a chance to possibly spike
the TI10 prize pool to above $35,000,000 if it does well. And with an additional
34 Battle Pass Levels after opening 14, this could be just what some of us
might need to reach the Windranger Arcana levels – although that is something
that is yet to be released. For now, the Collector’s Cache Volume II is on sale
for $2,49 each, with 25% of each sale going toward TI10’s already enormous prize

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