cause another upset in the lower bracket, knocking out Alliance

After Chicken Fighters cause a huge upset in the opening
lower bracket series of ESL One Los Angeles Online’s playoff stage,
would be hoping to do the same as they faced Alliance with tournament lives on
the line.

Alliance did not have the best of runs through the group
stage of ESL One Los Angeles Online, winning only against the teams who have
since been eliminated – except Chicken Fighters who excelled earlier today.
After making some recent changes to their squad, the team were still trying to
find their footing and moving forward at this event could help. However,
were no easy task, especially after they recorded an epic win over OG in the
group stages and they would be looking to cause a second upset of the day.

With Andreas ‘Xibbe’ Ragnemalm unable to play for Alliance
due to being on loan from OG.Seed, Jingjun ‘Sneyking’ Wu would be filling in
for the squad for the time being, helping the team to absolutely stomp over in the first game of the series. Alliance never allowed their opponent
to make any impact on the game, taking the win in a little over half an hour.
But then it was’s turn to dominate as game two was a complete turn
around from the previous one. Miroslav ‘BOOM’ Bičan was at the top of the lineup with an unkillable Broodmother which ended at 15-0 to tie the
series at 1-1.

The decisive game of the series would see an extremely close contest between the two teams which descended into an all-out brawl that lasted nearly an hour with the lead going back-and-forth continuously. Amazingly, once the dust had settled, it was who came out ahead, finding the perfect fight to topple their opponents.

With that, Alliance would be eliminated from the event as would move on in the lower bracket to face the winner of today’s final series. ESL One Los Angeles Online continues next with upper bracket action as and Team Spirit go head to head before an epic matchup between Secret and OG closes out the day.

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