What date does the Apex Legends Aftermarket collection event start?

A new Collection Event is on the horizon for Apex Legends. While a new season and potentially new map are all the rage right now, Season 6 is still going. Up to this point, there’s not been a full-blown event in the season yet, which is why fans are so interested in a new installment. However, according to recent leaks from dataminers, that’s about to change. Leaks are stating that the rumored event, titled “Aftermarket,” is slated to have a start date of October 6, which is actually moved up from its originally leaked date.

Aftermarket event start date in Apex Legends

A Collection Event in Apex Legends usually introduces a few different things. For starters, a new Heirloom is almost always available to unlock. With near certainty, the Aftermarket Heirloom will be for Caustic. Dataminers have uncovered clear evidence of this and seem to know the Heirloom will be a sledgehammer of some kind. So Caustic mains can rejoice in that.

Besides an Heirloom Set, there are always shiny new cosmetics that players can purchase for a lump sum of Apex Coins. Dataminer @Shrugtal has recently shown off some of these potential event skins. One of the featured outfits appears to be for Loba, which is called “Boosted.”

Along with the Boosted skin, Shrugtal also uncovered the names of some of the other expected skins for the Aftermarket Collection Event.

  • Risen Queen
  • Forged Knight
  • Hallowed Spirit
  • Jaded Myth
  • Slayers Lancer
  • Curse of the Awaken

While we have no images to go along with these skins, it’s possible we could see them in action soon. According to Shrugtal, a trailer for the event could be coming as soon as today. If Respawn were to reveal the new Apex Legends event, expect a trailer around 1 pm ET on their social media accounts.

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