10 Games That Will Get Your Parents Into Gaming

If there’s one thing that younger gamers can agree on, it’s that parents that don’t understand a love for gaming can be a bit tough to deal with at times. Maybe it’s a hobby that you want to share with them, or maybe you simply want them to understand why you spend so much time gaming. Whatever the reason, everyone should have at least one go-to game for parents to try.

As the medium of gaming has evolved over the years, the genres available and play styles that can be chosen are essentially limitless. Finding a unique game to fit anyone's interests is easier than ever, and that can extend to the older generation as well. It should be even easier to get them into gaming if your parents were gamers in their youth but gave up that pastime. Here are some titles to try and pursuade them.

10 The Wolf Among Us

There are plenty of parents who may not have the desire or the skills to take on a game that’s overly demanding, so story-driven games are always a great choice. One of the best in the genre that will provide something familiar but different for the older generations is The Wolf Among Us.

Any parents who enjoy dark and dramatic shows or movies will probably love the narrative to be found within the game. With minimal player input outside various decisions, it’s a good first step into gaming. They’ll probably find it more like an interactive movie than they will an average video game.

9 The Sims 4

There are a few games that pretty much anyone can pick up at any time and have an absolute blast playing, and The Sims 4 is one of those. It may have been released years ago, but it’s still widely played by plenty of people of all ages.

Being able to take control over one or even a group of Sims as they live their daily lives is a great way to introduce someone to video games. A player can do as little or as much as they want to, meaning that any play style is welcome. Even better, few people would ever describe the game as terribly difficult.

8 Portal 2

Letting your parents try their luck with some of your favorite games might not go well, but that might change if you can play alongside them. Portal 2 is a game that offers a great multiplayer experience that can be done locally.

It’s another game that doesn’t mechanically demand a lot from the player aside from their own brain power. Anyone can adapt to the game's mechanics as they are introduced, and having some help right beside them is likely to have any parent enjoying a couple of tough puzzles.

7 It Takes Two

Another great experience for multiple players is It Takes Two. You could try out the game with one of your parents to not only show them that gaming is fun, but also that you can experience heartfelt stories through the medium.

You could even send a pair of parents who’ve never gamed before into a spiral by setting them up to play together. While they’d likely have a bit of a tougher time at first, the hilarity that would likely ensue would certainly be worth it.

6 LittleBigPlanet Series

Pretty much anyone at any age can pick up and jump into any of the LittleBigPlanet games. Whether you prefer online levels or just want to let your parents explore the game's pre-set levels, there’s a lot on offer.

The beauty of the game is that while there are plenty of tough levels, players are given more than enough opportunities to fail. Even if things get too tough, great music and working together with others is sure to keep even those that don’t quite get gaming playing for a long while.

5 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A lot of people credit Animal Crossing with proving that anyone at any age can be a gamer. It’s a game that was a surprise hit with a lot of people's parents, so it’s absolutely one you could use to help get yours into the medium.

Animal Crossing is a game that doesn’t feature a lot of over-the-top tension. While there is plenty to do, players are able to take their time and choose what their next personal goal will be. Sitting down with a relaxing experience might be a new way for parents to unwind after a long day.

4 Castle Crashers

A lot of people's parents played games when they were young, and a lot of the time, that happened in arcades. Some of the most popular games to grace arcades were fighters and beat ‘em ups, making Castle Crashers a great choice to play.

The game is an incredibly simple side-scrolling beat ‘em up with a lot of humor and charm. Some might find it to be a bit too weird, but even parents have a sense of humor. While it starts out simple, there is plenty of time for parents to practice with their new abilities as they level up.

3 Mario Odyssey

Pretty much everyone has heard of Mario and even those that haven’t are likely able to hope into a game like Mario Odyssey with little trouble. The open nature of the game is something that makes it incredibly effective for people who may not play games all that much.

Letting your parents explore the various worlds with a character they’re likely familiar with is a good way to introduce them to games with a bit more complexity. It’s easy to succeed in Mario Odyssey, but even more success can be found the more you practice with the game's mechanics.

2 Overcooked 2

Another simple experience that can provide plenty of fun and chaos is either of the Overcooked games. Overcooked 2 is a great way to experience a game alongside your parents thanks to the fun co-op experience on offer.

They may be a bit confused when you explain the game’s basically about chefs who save the world, but they’ll probably forget about that once they dive into the chaos. The great levels present unique challenges that increase in difficulty at a great pace for all players.

1 Stardew Valley

Similar to a game like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. With that said, some might argue that Stardew Valley can offer a lot more variety to gamers. If a parent got bored of daily living and farming, they can always turn to exploring some caves.

Fishing, farming, fighting monsters, special events, and building relationships with the people around you are the name of the game, something that is simple and easy to understand. It’s another game that can be played at your own pace, making it perfect for someone with a busy life.

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