Nintendo Direct June 2022: When is next Nintendo Direct? Rumoured date emerges

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A Nintendo Direct for June 2022 could be pencilled in by the House of Mario, and the stream could be weeks away from happening. A new leak has emerged this week claiming to reveal the date of the next Nintendo Direct. And it’s thought a Nintendo Direct for June 2022 could be taking place towards the end of this month on Wednesday June 29.

This news comes courtesy of former IGN journalist Alanah Pearce, who is now a writer for God of War Ragnarok makers Sony Santa Monica.

Pearce revealed the potential date for the next Nintendo Direct in a recent Twitch stream, with this being picked up by GoNintendo.

Following on from this, the Direct Feed Games Twitter account backed these claims up.

The account claimed the next Nintendo Direct should be taking place on either June 28 or June 29, depending on which time zone you’re in.

Zelda: Nintendo tease sequel to Breath of the Wild in trailer

The account tweeted: “The information is accurate. The window of airing is either June 28 or June 29 — may depend on time zone/regional location.

“It was never planned for the coming week. It’s been slated for late June for many, many weeks. This is not the result of a delay.

“It’s as planned.”

In terms of what could be announced, an update on the Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel will surely be top of many Switch fans’ wishlists.

While JRPG fans will also be hoping that Atlus finally announces Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 will be coming to the Switch.

The iconic series has long been linked with the Switch ever since Joker – the protagonist of Persona 5 – was announced as a Smash Bros DLC fighter.

And while Persona 5 Strikers (a spin-off sequel to Persona 5) has already been released for the Switch, the games fans really want to see arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid console are the mainline games.

Elsewhere, we could also see the heavily rumoured Goldeneye Remaster get announced at the next Nintendo Direct.

It looks like the classic Rare shooter will be heading to modern consoles after achievements for an Xbox version recently leaked.

This led to fans thinking the Goldeneye Remaster would get announced at the recent Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.

That high-profile event came and went without any word on Goldeneye, so the big announcement might be reserved for the next Nintendo Direct.

Elsewhere, the new Bayonetta, Xenoblade Chronicles and Splatoon games could also feature in the next Nintendo Direct.

While fans will surely be hoping we could finally get an update on Metroid Prime 4.

It’s been five years since the next big adventure for Samus Aran was announced, but ever since development was restarted on the game news has gone quiet.

If a Nintendo Direct is taking place this month then we should get confirmation soon enough.

The Switch makers usually confirm upcoming Directs in the days leading up to the stream.

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