Amouranth Says Negative Reactions To Her Twitch Streams Are "Ironic"

Amouranth has spoken out about her controversial streams, calling the reactions to them "ironic".

Chances are that if you've heard of Amouranth, you've probably done so because of her infamous Twitch streams. From licking the microphone for a special brand of ASMR to wearing a horse mask and farting, Amouranth's streams have been the talk of Twitch over the past couple of years.

As reported by Dexerto, Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, took part in an interview with Vice, where she talked about her streams on Twitch, as well as revealing that she earns $1.5 million a month currently, although she noted that there's more to it than just going on camera, saying, "Loneliness is something I struggle with. People assume you get on a screen, look pretty, and get a million dollars but that's not it at all".

During the interview, Amouranth talks about how she's perceived by people because of her streams. She said, “It’s ironic that people have an issue with real women embracing their sexuality when on all the video games that these teenagers and adults play on Twitch, there are legit women being sexualized constantly."

She continued, "There are games like Dead or Alive where it’s just women in bikinis essentially trying to fight each other and balance each other’s butts at each other and that’s fine. There’s GTA that has strippers and that’s fine. It’s only real women that can’t embrace their sexuality for a profitable gain, but men can create women characters in video games and sell it to the masses and it’s perfectly well received.”

Amouranth also opened up about her relationship with her parents considering some of the more NSFW content of her streams. During the interview, she said, “My parents are very conservative. It’s hard for me to remember their exact words to me when I first started. Once I showed them my bank account, they kinda felt a lot better. It’s weird how that does that to people."

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