Apex Legends: Complete Gibraltar Guide

If it’s one on one, Gibraltar will win. Even though the big gay defender was once one of the least chosen Apex Legends characters in the game, Gibraltar in Season 8 is actually one of the most formidable opponents to go up against. With a wide range of defensive abilities, and the potential to deal huge damage, Gibraltar makes for a very solid team player, and although the latest patches change his position in the meta, he’s still ferocious and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In this guide we’re going to be breaking down all of Gibraltar’s abilities in Apex Legends, in addition to what weapons complement his playstyle best, and what tips and tricks you might not know that can drastically change how Gibraltar can dominate the battlefield. So just read on below for everything you need to know.

Gibraltar’s Abilities In Apex Legends

Just like Caustic, Gibraltar boasts the Fortified ability, which gives the heavyset legends a 15% less incoming damage, allowing them to live a bit longer, making up for the larger hitboxes they sport.

Tactical Ability – Dome Of Protection

Gibraltar’s dome shield has always been wonderful, though it is undergoing some changes soon. When thrown onto the ground, the dome gives protection to all incoming bullets, explosions, and eve nox gas, which is wonderful. It acts as a solid wall that you can walk through. As of March 9 though, it will no longer offer 15% faster use for healing items while within the dome. This previously made it an incredible way for a whole team to heal up, even when out in the open, but this is no longer the case. Still, Gibraltar is able to fast revive any enemies downed within the dome, making it invaluable.

Even if being defensive isn’t your play style, you can still take advantage of the dome. You can throw it down during an engagement an weave in and out of it to take shots at your opponents, and if you use a shotgun where each hit does heavy damage, you can easily defeat opponents running an assault rifle instead. Likewise, if you’re just running out in the open Gibraltar can throw the dome down for instant cover. Just keep running with the dome behind you, and it’ll act as a big distraction – and obstacle – for any enemies trying to chase and shoot you down.

Passive Ability – Gun Shield

Gibraltar’s Gun Shield is a great passive ability, especially when it really is time to go head-to-head with another legend. The gun shield packs 50HP, meaning that effectively gives Gibraltar 50HP more than any other legend when aiming down sights. If you’re fighting a Gibraltar and the guns shield is up then you will need to aim around it in order to deal damage effectively. Even if you go through all 50HP, it will regen in just nine seconds. That’s more than enough time for Gibraltar to find a foe and finish them off before they get the chance to heal.

The Gun Shield is one of the reasons that Gibraltar can be fairly beginner friendly, in addition to being scary in higher-ranked games. You can turn it off, but there’s not much reason to do so.

Ultimate Ability – Defensive Bombardment

After all of these defensive techniques, it’s weird to see Gibraltar use something so different. The bombardment literally shoots down a barrage of explosive attacks, more than enough to entirely finish off an unwitting legend if they’re unable to get out of range. All Gibraltar has to do is mark a location with a grenade, and then the explosions come raining down. Gibraltar can even use this on his own location, and then use the Dome Shield to cover himself from damage, instead leaving any nearby enemies in the firing line. This ability works great in open areas, but awfully in closed buildings. Very situational, but potentially deadly.

Best Weapons For Gibraltar In Apex Legends

Gibraltar is good in a variety of positions, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to take him close-range. Gibraltar can camp out at a distance with a sniper rifle and feel content to heal up and take cover when needed, or can go in close with an SMG to deal as much damage as possible. Because of his size and abilities, I’d say that a mid-range game plan, with an SMG and a LMG combo, is his best bet.

Gibraltar can use speedy SMGs like the Volt or the R-99 to great effect, and then an LMG like the Devotion is excellent, as his gunshield and high HP allow him to spin the Devotion up for longer when in a pinch, allowing him to plant himself and just roll off as many bullets as possible – this can absolutely win you the game in a tough situation. I also think the 30-30 Repeater or G7 Scout make for excellent weapons to accompany him in a mid-to-long range scenario.

Gibraltar Tips And Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know In Apex Legends

Gibraltar is as simple as they come for legends. His abilities are pretty straightforward, and so are his strategies. If there’s a tip to be put down, it’s really that he’s about teamwork. Gibraltar’s dome shield isn’t just for you, it’s for your teammates too, and the same goes for the ultimate bombardment, which can be used to scare off enemies, if nothing else, and then you can move in and use the dome shield to revive your pals.

The dome shield is, ultimately, Gibraltar’s most useful feature. You should focus on using that to create cover for yourself and your team, and then use his high HP and gun shield to feel confident about fighting opponents in one-on-one scenarios. Follow these simple tips, and you’re sure to win the Apex games.

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