Apex Legends September Soiree Brings Armed And Dangerous LTM

Apex Legends is bringing more content this month with the September Soiree and the limited time mode Armed and Dangerous.

This will be the third time that we’ve seen this limited-time event—and the second time this year. Back in January, the Grand Soiree brought the mode back for just one day from January 22 to 23. Game modes during that event would rotate every two days to keep things fresh and interesting. Dummies Big Day mode was supposed to be part of the fun this time but was famously canceled due to game-breaking bugs.

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The September Soiree will be similar to the Grand Soiree, albeit smaller in scale. However, this time armed and dangerous will have been available for a full week, starting on September 15. Meaning that until September 22, you can play as much of the game mode as you can handle. Of course, as with any soiree, you’re going to need something to wear to the party. Yes, that means that the baroque and elaborate outfits from the Grand Soiree are back on the shelves.

As an added bonus, the skins are going to come with a discount. However, if gaudy prim and proper dress isn’t your cup of tea, you will also be getting deals on Rare and Legendary Apex Pack bundles to kit yourself out in.

We don’t know exactly what the rest of Season six has in store for us, but we do know that the party game variants are a welcome return. It’s unfortunate, though, that they won’t be around for longer than a week. We have to assume that Kuben Blisk is the man behind the party, but we don’t quite know what he is doing this for.

Or, perhaps, this is just a fun and absurd break from the drive to be a Legend. Either way, we’re glad to see the return of the soiree. Given that this is the last party event we know of, we think things could get much more serious for the rest of the year. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll lead us toward a teaser for a new Titanfall game.

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