As Dusk Falls: Chapter 2 Economics 101 Walkthrough

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As Dusk Falls' second chapter, Economics 101, cuts back and forth between two time periods. Half of this chapter immediately follows the events of chapter one, with Vince and his family trapped in the motel as hostages, while the police try to negotiate from the outside. The other half of this chapter is set two days before this deadly robbery-gone-wrong, following the domestic drama happening in Vince's family home.

The outcome of this chapter varies depending on your choices, both in this chapter and the last. Things can get particularly deadly in this chapter, so you're going to want to keep track of all the crossroad choices in this episode and the dependent outcomes from the last episode too.

Slow Beginnings

The first half of the episode doesn't include any major decisions or crossroad choices, but the beginning of it will depend on your previous choices.

  • If Michelle was shot at the end of the last episode, you'll start this chapter looking after her and dressing her wounds. You'll eventually get the decision to remove Michelle's bullet or not. Choosing to remove it and successfully completing the QTE will grant you the 'Paging Dr Walker' achievement.
  • If you ended last chapter with Tyler's gun, you'll simply have a stand-off with Tyler where you can decide whether to shoot him — the gun's barrel is empty regardless.

Either way, you'll find yourself locked in the office with or without Michelle, and will have a conversation with the Sheriff. What you tell the Sherriff is inconsequential it's more about who you want to have a friendlier relationship with, and will need to escape with to reach your daughter.

From there, the game jumps to two days prior, where Vince needs to pack up the family's belongings before Michelle arrives home. You have a limited number of actions before Michelle comes home. The only things that need doing are:

  • The dishes
  • Fixing the A/C
  • Packing boxes
  • Packing the photos

When it comes to putting Zoe to bed, pick the "It's okay to be scared" option to reassure her. Before the scene cuts, Vince will see a suspicious message on Michelle's phone from a man called Bruce, calling her "Cupcake".

To Run Or Not To Run

The chapter's first crossroad choice happens after you go back to the Desert Dream Motel and reach Zoe upstairs. You can choose to warn Jay about the cops coming, which will result in him not being handcuffed in the next scene.

The next scene has the cops invading the motel. Not long after, a shootout will begin between the Holt boys and the cops, leaving you to choose whether to run or stay hidden. The consequences of this choice vary depending on whether Michelle was shot in the last chapter.

Choice Consequences
Stay Hidden
  • If you stay hidden while Michelle is injured, nothing will change. The police will retreat as normal.
  • If Michelle was unharmed, and you decide to stay hidden, Jim will try to leave anyway and end up being knocked over and injured.
Run For The Exit
  • If Michelle is unharmed, and you decide to run, she will be shot attempting to escape. This will then give you the same scenes from before, where you can choose to remove the bullet from her and dress her wound.
  • If Michelle was previously injured, and you choose to run, she'll be unable to move and nothing of consequence will happen.

Family Secrets

The game transitions to the family apartment two days before, with Vince and Michelle relaxing on the balcony.

After chatting for a bit, you can choose whether to kiss Michele or confront her about the message from Bruce. Whether you confront her immediately is irrelevant, since Bruce decides to call Michelle's cell and home phone and a confrontation will start anyway.

Michelle pleads with you and promises that nothing happened. If you choose to believe her and let it go, the scene ends there, and you go back to the Desert Dream Motel.

If you push her to explain, Michelle will admit that she had an affair. After the argument, you can potentially unlock two achievements.

Choice Consequences
  • The scene will end here, with Michelle unsure of her future with Vince and the argument left unresolved.
Break Glass
  • This will also lead to a scenario where the argument is left unresolved.
Kiss Michelle
  • This can lead to a scene where Vince and Michelle reconnect romantically, leaving Michelle more confident about her relationship with Vince.
Sit and Listen
  • This is the option you'll want to pick if you want either of the next two achievements. Michelle will ask for your forgiveness.
  • If you choose to forgive her you can unlock the "What's Done is Done" achievement.
  • If you choose not to forgive Michelle, you'll receive the "Unforgivable" achievement that implies their marriage is over.

Vince's Choice

Once you're back in the Desert Dream Motel, you'll see the Holt boys negotiate with the Sheriff. One hostage can be let go in exchange for some pizza.

If Jim was injured in the motel escape scene, you'll need to choose between him and Zoe. If Michelle was shot at any point in the game, then the choice will be between her and Zoe.

Choice Consequences
Save Injured Michelle
  • If you decide to send Michelle, she'll receive medical attention, and you'll unlock the "Lifesaver" achievement for saving Michelle.
  • Michelle will ask for forgiveness once again when you put her on the ambulance stretcher. Choosing to ultimately forgive Michelle gives you the "Second Chances" achievement for saving your marriage.
Save Injured Jim
  • If you decide to exchange an injured Jim, he will also ask for your forgiveness, and you can choose whether or not to accept — though your decision won't impact the rest of the chapter.
Save Zoe
  • The scenes that play if you decide to send Zoe are similar whether Jim or Michelle are injured. She'll ask you if they'll be okay and you can choose to shelter her or be realistic.
  • Saving Zoe if Michelle is injured can result in Michelle's death next episode, especially if you failed to remove the bullet from her.
  • Saving Zoe if Jim is injured does not result in any negative consequences for Jim, despite his brain cancer.

Human Shield

When you come back to the motel with the pizza, the Sheriff sneakily gives you a pager to keep in contact with him from the inside. He reveals that he's looking for a little black book the Holts took from his house; of course, Jay is the only one who knows of it.

It doesn't matter how you interact with him or the Holts, since you'll be forced into a QTE where you search the Holt's moneybag and find nothing there. Depending on how you talk to Dale, he'll also offer you, and the rest of the hostages, a box of pizza. Repeatedly choosing to joke with him is a reliable way of getting some pizza.

This next decision has the potential to be the most deadly one. Eventually, Dale uses Vince as a human shield while negotiating with the Sheriff. You'll be able to see a moving red dot hovering over Dale's face — a cop's sniper laser coming from a distance.

Choice Consequences
Warn Dale
  • If you decide to warn Dale about the sniper, you'll both run back to the motel and get there safely. Saving Dale will give you the "Dodged A Bullet" achievement.
  • The Sheriff has an aggressive tone on the pager when you get back to Desert Dream.
Don't Warn Dale
  • If you choose to not warn Dale, he'll immediately die, and a shootout will begin as you hide behind a car with the Sheriff.
  • The Sheriff will force you to go back into the motel to retrieve his book, telling you that your family won't get out otherwise.
  • Once you get back to the motel, Tyler will also kill Joyce in frustration, leaving her son, Ash, an orphan.

Ending Lineup

Depending on your choices, you can have a mixture of four ending states.

You'll have Vince remain in the hotel with a mixture of two other people from his family — Jim and Zoe, Jim and Michelle, or Michelle and Zoe.

There's also the potential for Michelle and Jim to remain in the motel in their injured or uninjured states.

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