This MultiVersus Fan Is Animating A Moveset For Daffy Duck

This MultiVersus fan has created a character model for Daffy Duck and is creating and animating a moveset for him.

Although MultiVersus is absolutely packed with characters from many different Warner Bros. properties, there are a few missing ones that stand out. One such character is everyone's favourite Looney Tune (not open for debate, sorry) Daffy Duck. Considering Bugs and Taz are currently in the game and voicelines have indicated that Marvin is the next Tune to join, Daffy Duck fans have taken it upon themselves to create their own moveset for him.

One such MultiVersus fan has even created a character model for Daffy and started animating a custom moveset for him. Character animator Jordan, SonicpoX on Twitter, shared their model of Daffy Duck and then continued to share short animations for some of the Duck's moveset.

Some of the moves that Jordan has already decided on include Daffy's neutral air, which has him doing some of his classic screwball poses while presumably shouting "woohoo", his up air that has him pulling out a chainsaw, and a down attack that has him stomping the ground angrily. He also has some of his karate moves from Looney Tunes: Back in Action, presumably as his base three-hit combo.

Jordan has even decided some of Daffy's specials, including his recovery move that has him pulling out a rocket like Duck Dodgers, and his down special that has him pulling out a sign with a 50 percent chance of showing Duck Season or Rabbit Season, similarly to how one of Mr Game and Watch's moves works in Smash.

Since showing off the model and moves so far, Jordan has asked other MultiVersus fans if they have any ideas for moves to give the character. In response, Twitter account thepowerplumber shared their own moveset concept, which has been fully drawn out, and it features Daffy changing from his screwball personality to his more jealous and angry one depending on how his partner is performing in battle.

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