Bayonetta 3: The 8 Best Demons

On top of new foes to face off against and new weapons to wield, Bayonetta 3 brings back fan favorites and introduces new demons for the titular witch to use against her foes. That's not all, though; with the new Demon Slave mechanic, Bayonetta can take direct control of her demons to devastate foes.

The game offers a wide variety of different demons, each of which also comes with their own weapon. Not every demon is created equal, but most are still worth using in their own right. This list will show you the best demons you can get during the main game.

8/8 Wartrain Gouon

Gouon is probably one of the strangest, but also funniest, demons in the entire series. It stretches the definition of "demon" by being a literal train, albeit one with a horrifying face it occasionally unmasks. When summoned, it slows time to a crawl and lets Bayonetta form a path it will traverse when summoned.

This demon is unwieldy and somewhat awkward to use, but its execution is so funny that it's totally worthwhile anyway. It's great for crowd control and hitting far-off opponents, and the fact it's automated after being summoned makes it great for multitasking. Its weapon, the chainsaw-esque Dead End Express, is no slouch either.

7/8 Gomorrah

The dragon-like Gomorrah is one of Bayonetta's most iconic, if disloyal, demons, and its return in Bayonetta 3 was practically guaranteed. Gomorrah emerges from the ground to overwhelm foes with bites and slashes, boasting high attack power relative to other demons.

Gomorrah is a bit slow, and its special bite grab can be a bit tricky to figure out. You have to hit attack buttons to get it to continue chowing down on your opponents. Still, this skill is excellent for inflicting damage and stunning foes to set them up for torture attacks. Just be wary that you don't end up as his next meal.

6/8 Alraune

Alraune, a scorpion demon, first appeared as a boss fight in Bayonetta 3. She doesn't make her grand return in this game's story, however; you'll need to seek her out in the third Phenomenal Remnant stage, which can only be unlocked after getting all three Umbran Tears of Blood in Chapter 3.

Still, you'll find Alraune to be well worth the effort. She's got wide-reaching attacks thanks to her stinger tail and can plant flowers that will automatically ensnare and attack nearby foes. Her weapon, the whip Alruna, is also great for crowd control and dealing with tricky opponents.

5/8 Baal

Another returning demon, the singing frog queen Baal is as bizarre as she is deadly. Her large body and extending tongue alike make her excellent at dealing with multiple foes at once, and as a frog, she's a great jumper who can leap at foes from surprising distances.

Baal's most unique aspect, though, might be her unique skill. She sings a four-part song that summons more and more poison clouds, which will deal damage to any enemies in the vicinity. Getting the whole thing off is nigh impossible, but it's still a nice touch. Her half-microphone, half-spear weapon is also a ton of fun to use.

4/8 Malphas

Don't be fooled by the relatively mundane appearance; Malphas may look like a bird (or like Griffon from Devil May Cry), but it's as deadly as a hawk. Similarly to Gomorrah, it can pick up enemies in its talons and assault them while they're helpless in its grip. Not only that, but it can fly freely around the battlefield.

Malphas's flight makes it a great option against evasive foes, at the cost of the fact that it must swoop its wings to get air time. Even so, it's an excellent option for many situations, including puzzle-solving. Its weapon, the Simoon fans, also boast a nice area of attack and good speed.

3/8 Phantasmaraneae

Its name may be a mouthful, but this spider demon is one of the more impressive in Bayonetta's arsenal. It can web opponents up with its special ability and freely traverse walls while Bayonetta has it summoned. This gives it excellent mobility and crowd control alike.

Don't assume it's a slouch in the damage department, either; Phantasmaraneae has a wide variety of attacks with both high damage and a large area of effect. Its weapon, the yo-yo Ignis Araneae, is also just a fun and useful option in pretty any situation. Versatility and ease of use are the name of the game for this spider.

2/8 Madama Butterfly

Bayonetta's most consistent and loyal demon is also, naturally, one of the witch's most powerful. Madama Butterfly packs a moveset similar to Bayonetta's own, with a focus on high-power punches and kicks. Her body check, performed with a back-to-forward motion, is a great way to stagger demons.

Her special ability takes an incredibly long time to activate but will charm opponents hit, rendering them practically harmless. It can be a great aid if you can pull it off. She grants Bayonetta her default Colour My World weapon set, which will be familiar to anybody who has played Bayonetta before.

1/8 Umbran Clock Tower

Yes, you read that right; the famous site of the opening battle from Bayonetta 1 is a playable demon. The Umbran Clock Tower attacks by summoning various weapons from its four floors, from machine guns to mechanical claws. It can also transform into a set of power armor for Bayonetta.

It's diverse, it's powerful, and it's just incredibly fun to use. The Bayonetta team has displayed a lot of creativity in turning a literal clock tower into a living weapon for you to rampage with. Its weapon, the powerful Tartarus gauntlets, is slow, but packs a mean punch.

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