Beginner Tips For Playing As Caitlyn In Wild Rift

Caitlyn is a marksman with a keen eye and trained trigger finger. She’s a favorite champion among players who enjoy the shooter playstyle in League of Legends: Wild Rift, but some newcomers to the rift may have already known and grown attached to this Cupcake through Arcane, the new hit Netflix series based on League of Legends lore.

If you’re just joining the player base, the most crucial thing will be to listen to your teammates and let them guide you through your first few matches. League of Legends is wholly team-oriented, and you must coordinate tactics in order to pull off a smooth victory, even against AI.

The other thing you’ll want to be clear on before you start a match is what role you’re playing. The game will walk you through the different lanes, and what sorts of champions are best suited for each one. As a marksman, Caitlyn will usually take on the duo lane with another teammate for support.

Know Your Skills

Passive/Active Skills

Headshot (Passive Skill) Every sixth shot Caitlyn makes will be a guaranteed headshot.
Piltover Peacemaker Best used on trapped or netted enemies, the peacemaker fires a piercing bullet but nerfs subsequent damage by almost half.
Yordle Snap Trap Caitlyn’s snap trap entices enemies with a yummy-looking cupcake only to ensnare them briefly and reveal them to other champions.
90 Caliber Net The blowback from Caitlyn’s net gun knocks her back while dealing magic damage to the target and halving the speed temporarily.
Ace In The Hole Caitlyn’s ultimate will reveal the target set in its sights right before dealing potent physical damage with additional damage equal to 20% of the target’s missing health. The only downside is that the bullet may be intercepted by other enemy champions before it finds its mark on their ally.

What Attacks To Charge First

  1. The first attack to activate is the Piltover Peacemaker, as it will provide Caitlyn with her best source of consistent attack power early on.
  2. Then diversify Caitlyn’s arsenal with her Caliber Net and Snap Trap.
  3. Once she has a range of attacks to pull from, give another boost to the Piltover Peacemaker before you begin charging up Caitlyn’s ultimate, Ace In The Hole. There’s no need to rush to full power, but be sure to throw a charge into the ultimate once in a while in order to have it ready for the end-game.
  4. You’ll want to prioritize thoroughly charging Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap next, so you can start revealing enemy champions for your allies.
  5. Your last charges should go to rounding out the 90 Caliber Net.

Learning About Item Loadouts

Crit Marksman

Caitlyn’s default loadout is focused on a robust attack power while making sure Cupcake is well rounded with swift movement and a bit of cushioning should she find herself in a tight spot.

Infinity Edge Caitlyn’s critical will cause 30% more damage while she receives an overall boost to her attack and critical rating.
Rapid Firecannon Providing a boost to Caitlyn’s critical rating and attack speed, attacks, and movement will generate an energized attack. Energized attacks are quicker, longer-ranged, and deal magic damage.
Gluttonous Quicksilver These upgraded greaves kick off any control effects affecting Caitlyn and boost her movement by half.
Stormrazor This raises Caitlyn’s Attack speed, damage, and critical rating. It also enables Caitlyn to trigger energized attacks through movement and attacks.
Mortal Reminder Providing another boost to Caitlyn’s attack, this bow and arrow also help with armor penetration. Because of the Grievous Wounds effect it applies to enemy champions, this item is helpful when up against enemies below half health.
Guardian Angel This gives Caitlyn a bit of armor protection along with more attack power. This is Caitlyn’s last line of defense, providing her with a restorative shield after taking lethal damage and restoring a bit of mana after a short pause.

Vampiric Marksman

Caitlyn’s alternative marksman loadout builds up her damage and critical ratings to devastating heights. It still utilizes the Rapid Firecannon, Gluttonous Quicksilver, and Mortal Reminder, but it switches out the other items in favor of:

Bloodthirster Again bolstering attack damage and critical rating, this sword also cloaks Caitlyn in an absorption shield that can soak up significant damage.
Infinity Edge This sword further boosts attack and critical rating, along with causing critical strikes to land harder.
Statikk Shiv Three for three with the additional attack and boosted critical rating, the shiv also enables Caitlyn to generate Energized Attacks through movement and attacking.

A Quick Note On Spells

Heal is good to hold onto for when you need to flee in a pinch. It restores a bit of health while providing Caitlyn with a movement boost for a swift retreat.

Flash teleports Caitlyn a short way ahead, allowing her to either make an instantaneous retreat or catch up to the action when returning to the safe zone.

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