Black Desert Brings Succession To PS4 And Xbox One

Pearl Abyss is finally introducing Succession to Black Desert on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new skill system – which has been available on PC for quite some time – gives you a new way to enhance your character and unlock powerful new skills.

The system is rolling out in waves, with Succession currently only available for Warriors, Sorceresses, Rangers, and Berserkers. Pearl Abyss said the feature will be coming to other classes in the future, but a timetable for these updates is not mentioned.

Succession in Black Desert lets you “abandon your past and take up your original weapons with new skills and more powerful variations than you [had] in your pre-awakening kit.” It requires a massive amount of skill points to use properly, but is a viable alternative to Awakening your character.

There’s a lot of tasks you’ll need to complete before you can begin the Succession quests. First, the Awakening quest for your class must be finished. Once that’s complete, the requirements vary based on class – check out the official Black Desert blog for all the details.

To help prepare for Succession, several in-game events are currently available. Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Earn rewards for reaching specific levels above 56 as a Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, or Beserker. These include battle EXP scrolls, additional skill EXP scrolls, gold bars, and advice of Valks.
  • Earn a skill EXP buff that runs for three hours by talking with the Mystery Knight (appears randomly on the battle ground).
  • Hot Time event is back from 2pm to 12am every weekday and all day on weekends. This lets you earn 100% additional battle EXP and 30% skill EXP.

A few miscellaneous items are also included in the update, such as a new Skill UI, Mysterious Chests, Rulupee’s Travel Log, and several minor content changes.

Black Desert’s Succession feature is now available for Warriors, Sorceresses, Rangers, and Berserkers. It will slowly roll out to other classes in the coming months, and it’s great to see the console version keeping pace with its PC counterpart.

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