Elden Ring brings open-world ambition to Dark Souls’ winning formula

Elden Ring, the new game from Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer FromSoftware, feels like reconnecting with an old friend. Playing through a few hours of the game’s upcoming network test — a beta version of the game that offers a walled-off slice of Elden Ring’s large open world — felt like slipping back into a […]

Constructor brings project management for software developers back to basics

Constructor is a new, user-friendly task tracking and collaboration tool designed specifically for software development teams. The solution offers features for developers such as assignable comment treats, dashboard card highlighting, hideable backlogs, and project checklists, which they can use to collaborate on software projects remotely, the company told VentureBeat in an exclusive interview. Additionally, the […]

Hot Wheels Unleashed brings toys to life in a delightful arcade racer

A thumbprint stamped across the hazy driver’s side window of my 1985 Audi Sport Quattro, at the end of a race, says it all. In the impressively detailed and altogether delightful Hot Wheels Unleashed, launching Thursday, the cars feel like toys that actually have been played with, and like I’m the one doing the playing. […]

Triangle Strategy Brings Tactics To Switch In March

When Project Triangle Strategy was announced earlier this year, it shot to the top of many highly anticipated lists thanks to its tactical RPG gameplay and beautiful HD 2D visuals reminiscent of Octopath Traveler. During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, we not only learned more about the game, but also the release date and final name. Much like […]

Peacemaker Brings His Brand Of Justice To HBO Max January 13

Fans of the hyper-patriotic killing machine Peacemaker from James Gunn’s most recent film, The Suicide Squad, should prepare for his show early next year. The Peacemaker series sees the return of John Cena in the title role and will debut on HBO Max on January 13. This eight-episode series will follow the origins of what made Peacemaker, uh… the way […]

GitHub brings centralized, granular controls to enterprise user accounts

The Transform Technology Summits start October 13th with Low-Code/No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. Register now! Let the OSS Enterprise newsletter guide your open source journey! Sign up here. GitHub has formally launched Enterprise Managed Users (EMUs), a new type of user account for GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHEC) customers that can be provisioned and managed centrally via […]

Neverboard Brings Tabletop Party Games To Oculus Quest Soon

Evernever Games today announced Neverboard, which brings a library of tabletop party games to Oculus Quest. Releasing later this fall, Neverboard is a free-to-play social VR experience for up to four players. Players join rooms as their Oculus avatars and find themselves sat around a table from which they can interact with games in realistic […]

AI brings promise and peril to customer relations management

Join AI & data leaders at Transform 2021 on July 12th for the AI/ML Automation Technology Summit. Register today. Artificial intelligence is proving to be most valuable when it is applied to rote, predictable functions. At first blush, this may not sound like an ideal fit for customer relations management (CRM), but keeping customers happy […]

Mario Kart Live update brings new courses and items

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, the AR and toy take on Nintendo’s Mario Kart series, quietly got an update on Thursday. The new version brings an additional cup and new items for your racer, according to Nintendo’s support website. The update is free and adds the Mario Cup to the Grand Prix, which brings three […]