Square Enix Doesn’t Want You Spoiling Final Fantasy VII Remake (Despite Doing It On Twitter)

The people who have had their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears since the late nineties will need to block their senses for a little longer, as Square Enix is asking fans not to spoil Final Fantasy VII Remake on social media if they receive their copy early.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most important video games that has ever been released and it has some of the most iconic moments in gaming history. The fans have been speaking openly about the secrets of the game since it was first released and only totally new fans who have little knowledge of the series will be playing Final Fantasy VII Remake unspoiled.

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However, Final Fantasy VII Remake will feature new content that wasn’t present in the original version of the game and the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account is asking fans not to spoil it for others. Square Enix is aware that there are many spoilers regarding the content from Final Fantasy VII, but fans could receive their copy early and they don’t want them spoiling things on Facebook or Twitter.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will only cover the Midgar portion of the original story, but its content has been expanded to the length of a full game. As such, there are lots of new characters and scenes in the game that have been shown in the trailer, including a member of SOLDIER who pursues AVALANCHE throughout Midgar, ghostly apparitions that are hunting Aerith, and a new scene where the Shinra Headquarters is under attack.

Fans have been waiting for Final Fantasy VII Remake for decades, yet copies of the game are out in the wild and the Internet is going to be a minefield for the people who are trying to avoid spoilers for the next few weeks. It’s unlikely that Square Enix is going to drastically change the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but we hope that fans maintain a code of silence for a few more weeks, so that everyone can enjoy the game on equal footing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.

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