to run new Xbox Series X console raffle this Friday

The only UK store to run a lottery to buy next gen consoles, and beat scalpers, will have more Xbox Series X stock this week.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X might be easier to get hold of than a few months ago but that still doesn’t mean they’re easy to pick up, so UK retailer is running another raffle this week, for the chance to buy an Xbox Series X.

As with previous ballots, all you need to do is register your interest and if you’re picked at random you’ll be given the chance to buy the console a few days later.

The ballot will start on Friday, May 7 but if you sign up now you’ll get your chance for both this week’s ballot and subsequent ones (so they’re clearly not expecting the stock situation to get better any time soon).

Despite it being a lot fairer than letting scalper get a hold of the stock, no other major stores have run a similar raffle system – which has only made getting hold of a next gen console even more frustrating. isn’t running a ballot for the Xbox Series S as there’s less demand and the console is generally not as hard to get hold of.

They’re not running one for the PlayStation 5 for the more straightforward reason that they don’t have enough to make it worthwhile.

Sony has already indicated that it does not expect its stock situation to improve until at least this time next year, while Microsoft is only a little a little more optimistic that things may turn around by the autumn.

Both consoles continue to sell out almost as soon as stock is available, so you still have to put in a lot of effort to get hold of one, even if it is just signing up to a raffle like this.

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