Capcom Celebrate Village’s Launch With A Chalk Werewolf In Somerset

Capcom has celebrated the launch of Resident Evil Village by inscribing a chalk werewolf on the side of a hill in Somerset.

The chalk artwork was pointed out by the Resident Evil games Twitter and shows a massive, white, outlined version of the game’s main enemies. For anyone near Somerset, the artwork appears to be on the Mendip Hills.

As reported by Eurogamer, the chalk outline initially caused some troubles for Somerset. The werewolf imagery was spotted by newspapers and media outlets before the game’s logo was added to the picture. For a couple of days that meant that anyone passing would just see a huge chalk werewolf with no context. Even the Resident Evil fans out there probably wouldn’t think it was linked to the game with no prior knowledge.

SomersetLive reported on the outline before the logo was up, calling it a “growling piece of art” and a “monster” amongst other things. Other Somerset media outlets posted similar images wondering what it could be, before eventually realising it was for a game and seeming a little less interested.

Chalk artwork like this isn’t uncommon across the UK, with some well-known examples being Uffington’s chalk horse and the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset (maybe don’t Google that one in the daylight hours). A chalk werewolf is certainly a first though, so this is a pretty memorable promotion from Capcom, especially for a game full of strange marketing moves. 

If you’re currently trying to play through Resident Evil Village to see what these werewolves are all about, we’ve put together a full walkthrough of the game to take you from the opening scenes in the village all the way to Castle Dimistrescu and beyond. We’ve also got guides for the game’s boss battles, as well as some for some of the hidden trophies and achievements. If you’re still on the fence about Village, you can check out our review here where we called it a “bold homage to the 2005 classic”.

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