Celeste Composer Now Working On Minecraft

Lena Raine, the composer behind the emotionally evocative soundtrack of Celeste, has confirmed she is working on new pieces for Minecraft‘s upcoming Nether update.

The news came earlier today in a Minecraft blog post detailing some new changes and features in the popular sandbox video game. The piece also confirmed that Raine would be contributing music to the upcoming Nether update.

In the post, Raine commented on her tracks, saying: “I wanted each piece to feel like a progression of emotions, or a journey from place to place within this other world. There’s a degree of beauty to the Nether, but it is also terrifying in both its details and scale.”

There will be three pieces in total: “Rubedo” (played in the Nether wastes), “Chrysopoeia” (played in the Crimson Forests), and “So Below” (played in Soulsand Valleys and in Basalt Deltas).

Raine also discussed how composing music for the Nether pushed her creatively: “One of the primary instruments in Minecraft is the piano, and so one of my challenges to myself was to see how far I could push the sound of the piano until it resembled other things entirely–again, that alchemical process.”

Emotionally complex platformer Celeste was praised for its resonating and profound soundtrack, and there’s no doubt that Raine will deliver the same beautiful pieces to Minecraft as she did in Celeste.

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