Control’s ‘The Foundation’ DLC Is Exclusive To PC/PS4 For Three Months

Last week, Remedy unveiled that Control’s first DLC expansion titled The Foundation would be releasing on March 26, 2020. When the content was initially revealed back in 2019, there was mention of PS4 exclusivity that suddenly disappeared. As it turns out, that exclusivity is still in effect.

After releasing a trailer that better details this specific add-on, Remedy confirmed that The Foundation will be available only for PC and PS4 players on March 26. Xbox One players will have to wait until June 25, 2020, to get their hands on Jesse Faden’s continued adventures. That’s a pretty big bummer, though at least we now know the entire picture.

As for what this add-on is all about, The Foundation will take place immediately after the events of the main game. Jesse will continue her search for Control’s head of operations and will travel through some unexplored bridge to the Astral Plane. There’s new enemies, brand new skills, and obviously a ton of new plot to dig through.

While it definitely stings about the exclusivity, apparently the second expansion will release at the same time on each platform. That might honestly be better for Xbox One gamers. Having to wait so long between installments could muddle the plot up or lead to gamers forgetting details. Then again, it’s been quite some time since the main game released.

Still, the second add-on will supposedly further establish a link between Control and Alan Wake, another well-regarded Remedy title. With fans dying to learn more information about the potential Alan Wake follow-up, that pack seems a lot more exciting than this current one.

Remedy isn’t yet talking about that DLC, so we’ll just have to focus on the current. The Foundation looks pretty solid and should be a nice extension of what the base game achieved. Control features some of the most creative gameplay Remedy has ever developed, even if the plot is unfocused. I doubt we’ll get some new information that makes us re-examine the main game, but any new details would be appreciated.

The Foundation will be available to season pass holders on PC and PS4 on March 26, 2020. It doesn’t seem to have an individual purchase option, though the entire pass goes for $24.99.

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