Viewer Baits Starcraft 2 Professional "PartinG" Into Thinking He’s A Girl

During a Twitch stream from Starcraft 2 professional PartinG, a viewer baited him into thinking he was a girl. The viewer allegedly messaged PartinG multiple times, eventually stating, “I’m a girl, answer.” The claim piqued the Korean Starcraft player’s curiosity, leading him to pick up the mysterious Discord call.

(Warning: Loud Volume and Language)

The fan seemed to be using a voice modulator, tricking PartinG for a brief moment before finally dropping the charade and admitting, “I’m not really a girl, I’m sorry, I’m a troll.” Upon realizing the truth, PartinG let out an angry “ssibal” – which essentially translates to “f*** you.” This is not unlike the feisty Stracraft pro, who has built a reputation for yelling loud expletives at foes.

The late Starcraft 2 commentator legend Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson probably put it the best, drawing a comparison between the shocking nature of PartinG’s Twitch streams and the acquired taste of Metal as a musical genre.

His analogy was as hilarious as it was accurate. PartinG’s terrible microphone quality combined with a tendency to yell random curse words at his opponents requires a certain degree of acclimation – shall we say. Nevertheless, his personality is pretty infectious.

PartinG’s aggressive persona has earned him quite the following, sure, but he also has the skills to back it up. Although he often falls just short of winning some of the bigger tournaments in Starcraft 2‘s esports scene, PartinG always puts on a good showing. In fact, his intense match against “Cure” during the 20th Homestory Cup was voted the game of the tournament.

Both players brought an intense amount of aggression throughout the match, giving fans an entertaining and tense nail-biter. Without spoiling too much, the end-result was absolutely wacky. Lowko covered the match on his YouTube channel, shown below for those interested.

All-in-all, if there is a lesson to be learned here for PartinG, it’s that girls don’t exist on the internet.

Not really – but his decision to trust the viewer (only to get his hopes crushed) was certainly naive. At the end of the day, however, it’s pretty clear that PartinG was just having a bit of fun.

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