Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Builds Free Online Character Creator That Renders Your Selfie, Cyberpunk Style

You can count the days until Cyberpunk 2077’s arrival on one hand if you happen to live in the Eastern Time Zone. Excitement is starting to build, and people are starting to show it by throwing their creations to ravenous fans.

The latest fan creation we have comes from Reddit user timmutoke who built a Cyberpunk avatar creation app. The app uses a selfie to create your Cyberpunk avatar using their proprietary character creator, but if you prefer not to provide Wolf3D with your picture, you can always just make an avatar from scratch.

You can use the avatar creator on PC or your phone, but just be aware that the phone app will try to get access to your photos and microphone. You can refuse access and the app should still work, but just be aware that Wolf3D might be trying to harvest voice and camera data.

There are plenty of options for future sci-fi hair, sunglasses, and implants, and this can be a great way to give yourself a Cyberpunk avatar before the game actually releases and hands us all a far more complex photo mode. Which, by the way, can let you pose your subject in a number of different positions, including one which references Dark Souls.

Of course, some of you are already playing Cyberpunk 2077 since CD Projekt Red has started handing out preview copies. If you’re one of those lucky few, then CD Projekt Red is asking that you keep your previews as spoiler-free as possible and make sure that you have a warning placed for people who want to go into Cyberpunk without any spoilers at all.

CD Projekt Red said that their magnum opus game will release on December 10, but that actually means that anyone living in North America will get to start playing on December 9. Pre-loading begins on December 7 and games unlock at 12 AM, December 10, but that works out to be 7 PM EST on December 9. Time zones can be pretty sweet, right?

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