Dead By Daylight Mobile (Finally) Announces Release Date

Behavior Interactive has finally revealed the official launch date for Dead by Daylight Mobile, and we have less than a month to wait for the release on both Android and iOS. On April 16, players will be able to dive into the popular horror game from anywhere on their smartphones.

The project was first announced on June 20 of 2019, and since then several countries have assisted in testing various builds during the beta. Players can expect a full Dead by Daylight experience featuring the same killers and survivors as the game on PC and console. Certain exceptions may apply due to licensing restrictions of certain characters that are not original creations of Behavior Interactive, as was the case in the release of the Nintendo Switch port.

As one should expect, changes have been made to accommodate for an experience on smart devices, most of which will have players using a touch screen. For starters, players will have an extra button on screen that switches their view to what is behind them, like a sort of rear-view mirror. This is tremendously helpful while repairing generators and during chases given the difficulty of maneuvering quickly on a touch screen.

Skill checks are the same in principle but look slightly different. Instead of a circle with a pointer spinning towards the skill-check area, a longer bar shows up across the screen with the pointer starting on the left and moving to the right, to a similar skill-check zone seen elsewhere. In this writer’s anecdotal experience, it feels far easier to hit great skill checks in this way.

By far the most significant change coming to the mobile version of the game is the inclusion of bots that will take over for either a killer or survivor who has disconnected. Behavior Interactive has described these bots as designed to act how a player would, including working on objectives, rescuing teammates, and chasing survivors that enter a killer’s line of sight.

There is still time to pre-register prior to the release of the game and doing so will help progress the tiered cosmetic rewards that will be given to those who signed up early at launch, so head on over and pre-register soon to help contribute to the highest tier of reward!

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