Death Come True’s PS4 Port Has Been Pushed Back To An Unspecified Date

PS4 players looking forward to Death Come True will need to be a bit more patient. Due to an unforeseen error found by Sony’s QA team, the release of Izanagi Games and Too Kyo Games’ trippy murder mystery story has been pushed back indefinitely. The title was originally on track for an October 15, 2020, release, but now has an unspecified date.

The official Twitter account for the game posted the message to fans to explain the delay. This isn’t a problem affecting just the US release, but the international one as well. Based on the wording, it seems there is some issue that is preventing the game from being completed. It could be down to the conversion from different platforms, though we don’t have enough info to really tell.

Currently available on Switch, mobile devices, and PC, Death Come True is a pretty fun little time. It isn’t the longest game around but is similar to older FMV titles like Night Trap. You get what amounts to an interactive movie that has players repeatedly dying to solve a mystery. It’s an interesting game, for certain.

It’s a shame that PS4 players won’t be experiencing it in the near future, but that’s just the reality of game development. Sometimes problems occur that you never could have planned for. I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but at least Izanagi Games isn’t rushing out a busted product just to meet a deadline. When Death Come True does materialize, you can rest easy knowing it won’t have game-breaking bugs.

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