Destiny 2 Cosplayer Shows Off Moving Witch Queen Savathun Mask

In its most recent blog update, Destiny 2 developer Bungie announced the Cosplay Cosmodrome, a brand-new initiative that finally acknowledges the incredible talents of the Destiny cosplay community. Specifically, the contest tasks nine cosplayers with creating their best take on Savathun, the villainous Witch Queen. Or Moth Mommy, as many Destiny 2 players prefer to call her.

One of those cosplayers is Willow Creative, a Netherlands-based content creator that’s been making costumes and video game props since 2015. You can see some of her previous work on social media, including a Samus cosplay and a Final Fantasy 14 Vieran. She’s also worked with big-name developers like Jagex, Blizzard, and Riot Games. Now she can add Bungie to the list.

"She’s known for being wildly imaginative with her creations, including integrating moving parts with the use of crafty mechanics," wrote Bungie in its Cosplay Cosmodrome announcement. "She's also fluent in foam-smithing and a variety of other mediums, so there is absolutely no constraint on where she could take her Savathun take."

We got a progress update from Willow just last weekend which showed off her Savathun mask. It’s still a work in progress as Savathun has quite the crown, but Willow’s mask already has the perfect mix of skull-like features, glowing eyes, and moving faceplates. The mask itself is 3D printed with her own custom design, with the moving faceplates placed on hinges that open up whenever she moves her jaw.

The whole effect is super creepy–a perfect look for the Witch Queen Savathun.

Willow will have some stiff competition in the Cosplay Cosmodrome. The eight other content creators include WhereIsDanielle, LittleBlondeGoth, Lily Bean Cosplay, Kamichan83, Farbenfuchs, Cinderys, Anhyra, and Solomon Taisa, a truly global collection of the best cosplayers around. We'll get to see their finished Savanthun creations on Bungie Day, July 7.

In the meantime, Season 17 is promising a full rework of Destiny 2’s Iron Banner PvP event. You can read about the full list of changes in the latest TWAB here.

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