Destiny 2: Every Weapon In The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

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  • New Exotics
  • Xur's Treasure Hoard Gear
  • Grasp Of Avarice Gear

Destiny 2 is hosting a celebration with the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, featuring iconic weapons seen in previous Bungie titles. Some of the best weapons in the Destiny franchise have made their return, the most notable of which being Gjallarhorn.

That Rocket Launcher might be the star of the show, but there are some real surprises Bungie put in this DLC. Guardians can finally use a Legendary Trace Rifle, a Pulse Rifle tuned around hip-fire, a new Kinetic Grenade Launcher, and a Sidearm that consumes Special ammo. Here is every weapon Bungie added in Destiny 2's Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack.

New Exotics

The Anniversary Pack features two new Exotics, Forerunner and Gjallarhorn. Forerunner is inspired by the Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum. Gjallarhorn needs no introduction. Both are obtained from quests sold by Xur. Both weapons also have Exotic Catalysts.

Weapon Archetype Perks
Forerunner Sidearm (200 RPM) Full Stop: Oversized Sidearm with extended-range, heavy-caliber rounds. Fires full auto with increased rate of fire. Deals increased precision damage to unshielded targets.
Kinetic (Special) Pace Yourself: Tapping the trigger gives this weapon less recoil and improves accuracy.
Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher (15 RPM) Wolfpack Rounds: Rounds fired split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation.
Solar (Heavy) Pack Hunter: Gain increased handling and reload speed when standing near allies. Firing this weapon also grants Wolfpack Rounds to nearby allies wielding non-Exotic Rocket Launchers.

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Xur's Treasure Hoard Gear

Completing runs of Dares of Eternity, the new six-player activity, grants Treasure Keys you can use to obtain unique rewards from Xur's Treasure Hoard—a new hub location added in this DLC. Three weapons are inspired by iconic weapons from the Halo franchise, one of which is Destiny 2's first Legendary Trace Rifle.



Archetype Notes

BxR-55 Battler

(Pulse Rifle)

Legacy PR-55 Frame (450 RPM)
  • Inspired by the Halo 2 Battle Rifle
  • Can roll with Blunt Execution Rounds, a perk that mimics Trench Barrel.
  • Frame Description: Customized frame with dramatically increased accuracy, stability, and targeting while hip firing.
Kinetic (Primary)

Wastelander M5


Lightweight Frame (60 RPM)
  • The first Tex Mechanica Legendary in Destiny 2
  • Can roll with Harmony or Adagio
Kinetic (Special)

Pardon Our Dust

(Grenade Launcher)

Lightweight Frame (Breech Loaded)
  • One of two non-sunset Kinetic GLs
  • Can roll with Perpetuum Mobile, a perk that grants more stability, handling, and reload speed while moving
Kinetic (Special)

Retraced Path

(Trace Rifle)

Adaptive Frame (1,000 RPM)
  • The first Legendary Trace Rifle in Destiny 2
  • Inspired by the Halo: Reach Focus Rifle
  • Notable perks include One for All, Disruption Break, Subsistence, Shoot to Loot, and Golden Tricorn
    • Golden Tricorn: Final blows grant increased damage. While active, grenade or melee kills that match your subclass greatly increase the damage buff and duration.
Solar (Special)



Adaptive Frame (Uppercut)
  • Inspired by the Halo Energy Sword
  • Can roll with Eager Edge, increasing lunge range upon swapping to this weapon
Arc (Heavy)

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Grasp Of Avarice Gear

Encounters in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon can drop the following weapons. Most of these weapons are brought back from the original Destiny. Grasp of Avarice does have a Master variant, meaning every weapon listed below has an Adept version.



Archetype Notes


(Hand Cannon)

Adaptive (140 RPM)
  • Notable perks include Heating Up, Perpetual Mobile, Rangefinder (column 1), Headstone, and Kill Clip
  • Excellent stat package (56 range, 68 stability, 80 aim assist)
Stasis (Primary)

Matador 64


Precision (65 RPM)
  • Rolls with Tunnel Vision, Perpetual Motion, and Golden Tricone
  • Great stat package (68 range, 49 handling)
Arc (Special)

1000 Yard Stare

(Sniper Rifle)

Adaptive (90 RPM)
  • Can roll Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights simultaneously, just like Beloved
    • Can also roll with Heating Up
  • 44 zoom, 66 aim assist
Void (Special)

Hero Of Ages


Vortex Frame (Spin Heavy)
  • Inspired by the claymore from Myth
  • Can roll Demolitionst and Chain Reaction simultaneously
Arc (Heavy)

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