PSA: You Can Create Floating Text In Valheim

A Valheim player has revealed on Reddit that they discovered a way to place floating text in the game using signs. This has some practical uses such as being able to label portals, but you can also use it, as one commenter said, to leave “floating dicks” all over your base.

“The picture is a bit misleading,” the aptly named broke-it opens, “There is actually a second sign to the right, hidden behind the gate.” With the signs hidden behind the gates, you simply “add a ton of spaces” to move the text, so much so that it disconnects from the sign and begins to float. This is likely a bug, so perhaps it will get patched, but for now, it’s a neat way to have in-game labels without the wooden baggage.

This is something that YouTubers have dipped into as well, with tutorials galore. One of these comes from Chongish who places signs in his storage room, utilizing the space-bar trick to make the text go over the chests. This moves the text to the left, so the sign has to be placed to the right.

Much like on Reddit, this YouTuber uses floating text to mark his portals but goes as far as to mark his property so you know who’s home you’re going into. It’s an easy enough trick, doesn’t demand plenty of resources, but is plenty magic in its own right, even if all you need is some wood and coal.

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