Destiny 2's GM Justin Truman sits down to talk Season of the Chosen

Update from State of Destiny blog:

The gist is that sunsetting is going away moving forward, but as Truman states in our interview, this issue is likely to continue to be something the development team look at. While it seems our gear will remain moving forward, it appears Bungie is interested in creating a more manageable and balanced meta.

From the State of Destiny blog:

  • Addressing ‘third-person peeking’ around corners in Trials, which players could use to get unfair advantages to ‘peek’ around corners without exposing themselves.
  • Honing in on the power of Stasis in Crucible, which has been dominant since it was introduced in Beyond Light.
  • A promise to continue to adjust weapon archetypes and introduce new perks to keep the meta of the Crucible evolving.

More details from the State of Destiny blog:

  • Improve the overall health of the Trials matchmaking pool, both by incentivizing a wider audience to engage, and better defining separation of skill tiers. 
  • Rebuild the Trials reward structure so that it encourages more players to stick to their active cards longer. Our current structure encourages a lot of recycling cards after a single loss, meaning the first games of your Trials card has a high chance of being incredibly challenging. We want to build a reward structure that continually pushes higher skill players to want to progress deeper into their card even after a loss, making 3-5 wins a more achievable goal for more players. 
  • Investigate opportunities for solo players to participate in Trials regularly. We believe this will not only make the matchmaking pools healthier, but also will also encourage more players to see what Trials is all about and hopefully form social connections with other PVP-loving Guardians.’

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