Devolver Digital Opens Death’s Door On July 20

Devolver Digital has revealed the release date for Death’s Door during its Max Pass Plus live stream earlier today, and it’s sooner than you think.

Death’s Door will be coming to PC as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on July 20 next month. Unfortunately for PlayStation and Switch owners, there is currently no news on whether Death’s Door will be coming to other consoles at this point in time, and is currently an Xbox console exclusive. Death’s Door is currently available to pre-order on Steam and wishlist on Xbox Series X right now.

For those that haven’t heard of Death’s Door, the game was briefly shown during the ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming Showcase that aired back in March earlier this year. Developed by Acid Nerve, the same studio behind Titan Souls, Death’s Door is a top-down action game similar to other titles such as Hades and Bastion. The game also has quite a similar combat system, allowing you to use a variety of different weapons to defeat your enemies, including fireballs and even a discarded umbrella.

You play as a crow whose job it is to reap the souls of the dead until one of your assigned souls is stolen. To track down the thief, you must journey to “a realm untouched by death” which is a place where creatures “grow far past their expiry.” The game’s trailer shows off some of the more quirky characters you’ll meet on your journey, along with a charming sense of humor more than capable of tickling your funny bone more than once.

In case you missed Devolver Digital’s live stream, a bunch of new and unique-looking indie titles were shown off. One such title was Phantom Abyss, an asynchronous multiplayer game inspired by titles such as Temple Run and Indiana Jones. Another interesting title to be announced was Trek to Yomi, a side-scrolling samurai game that has you playing as a lone samurai called Hiroki as you defend your village and loved ones from outside threats.

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