Doom Eternal Generated Over $450 Million In The First Nine Months Of Release

If you had any doubt that Doom Eternal was one of the top games out there, doubt no longer. Doom Eternal is the sequel to Doom, a first-person shooter game that was rebooted in 2016 and developed by id Software. While Doom takes place in the year 2149 in a research facility on Mars, Doom Eternal takes place eight months after the events on Mars, once earth has been overrun by demonic forces and a good chunk of the population has been wiped out.

It was obvious that Doom Eternal was well received, with an 88% on Metacritic and a 9/10 on Steam. But perhaps what we didn’t see coming was how well received the game would be. According to a former id Software employee on LinkedIn, Doom Eternal generated more than $450 million during the first nine months of the game’s release. Information was added to the post to say that the game also had a Launch Day Concurrent Player Record of 104,891 players on Steam.

Considering there are a bunch of things that Doom Eternal did better than Doom, including graphics, better gear, and improvements to multiplayer mode, it’s not shocking that the game did so well. It’s also one of the best games out there to take advantage of for blowing off steam.

Unfortunately though, id Software might not be in as good of shape as its successful game. Id Software, among other companies including Google and Bungie, are now caught up in a lawsuit for misleading advertising. These companies were making the claim that 4k games were supported on Stadia, when in reality, they were not. People spent money pre-ordering games under the false promise about the quality of the games, and this includes Doom Eternal.

On a more positive note though, there is the possibility that Doom Eternal may put a female slayer into the series. This would be cool especially because the creative director says that he would want this to be done in a meaningful way that would have an impact on the actual gameplay.

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