Doom Eternal's New Denuvo Anti-Cheat Protection Raises Eyebrows

Id Software has issued its first big update for Doom Eternal, with a host of changes and tweaks. Most of the changes were welcome, but among them was an anti-cheat tech on PC that has some players concerned about security vulnerabilities. The official patch notes mention that the game now uses Denuvo Anti-Cheat, which uses […]

Doom Eternal's First Major Update Sends Beefed-Up Demons To Your Game

The first major update for Doom Eternal is on the way, and it’s bringing a major feature that could change the course of a battle: Empowered Demons. Your in-game struggles could make another player’s life even harder in the campaign mode, but there is a reward for beating one. Empowered Demons will soon arrive to […]

Doom Eternal Mullet Slayer Skin Is Murder In The Front, Party In The Back

Doom Eternal is introducing another strange skin for the Doom Slayer later this month, and it’ll give him an awful 80s mullet to rock. The original Doom debuted in 1993, of course, so the Slayer has never had a mullet until now. It will make him even more fearsome as he rips and tears his […]

Playing The Original DOOM In VR On Quest Is A Bloody Blast

With more creativity and technological power at our finger tips than ever before, the most excited I’ve been about VR in quite some time comes from playing a VR version of a game originally released in 1993. Go figure. Nostalgia is a powerful, weird thing. I’ve never really considered DOOM to be one of my […]

Doom Eternal’s deadly game-hopping demons arrive in next update

Doom Eternal’s next update will include some tweaks to the game’s Battlemode multiplayer component, a few quality-of-life changes, and the arrival of Empowered Demons, the feature that will spawn demons in players’ games that have killed other players. Those “beefed up” demons will jump from one player’s game to another; killing an Empowered Demon will […]

Doom Eternal Composer Distances Himself From The Newly Released Soundtrack

Doom Eternal’s soundtrack did not launch alongside the game in March. It was delayed, and it only just released the week of April 20. Fans who bought the collector’s edition can now listen to the music, but it’s been discovered that something is not quite right with it. Twitter user thatACDCguy outlined all the issues […]

Doom Eternal Demonizes Hipsters In Free DLC Update

Doom Eternal’s next event, Series 2, has begun, and it allows you to dress up like a hipster demon. Be warned the free DLC might motivate Doom Slayer players to kill you even more quickly. Season 2–which is called Coffee & Camo–adds a suite of cosmetic items to earn. One of the items is the […]

In Doom Eternal, you must go with the flow

Watching an expert play Doom Eternal is mesmerizing. I’ve taken to watching YouTube clips of Michael “shroud” Grzesiek playing the game. Everything he does looks effortless; with pinpoint accuracy he’s able to snipe off the heads of floating Maykr Drones to earn back health and ammo, all while keeping an eye on the other enemies […]

Doom Eternal Marauder Guide: Beating The Game's Hardest Enemy

Doom Eternal is full of deadly demons, but none is as worrisome as the Marauder. A former Sentinel soldier, the Maurader has a lot of the same moves as the Doom Slayer, including a short-range dash to avoid attacks and a powerful shotgun to dish out a ton of close-range damage. You’ll face the Marauder […]