Grounded’s Shroom & Doom Update Arrives June 30, Adds Achievements

Grounded’s Shroom & Doom update is coming on June 30 and adds achievements to the game, as well as fan-requested features like sitting.

The Shroom & Doom update was featured as part of Microsoft’s E3 2021 showcase, and revealed new things coming to Grounded, which is still under development and considered as early access.

One of the major things added to Grounded in this update is Achievements, but the list is pretty exhaustive. A brand new Den Mother spider has also been added to the game, and it’s much bigger than even the Wolf Spider. The trailer is very tongue in cheek, much like previous ones for the game.

Other requested features that are coming to the game include being able to sit down on chairs within bases (which has apparently been heavily requested), having Aphids as pets, and mushrooms as a new resource being added to the game, hence the “Shroom” part of the title. The “doom” part presumably comes from the massive new spider.

Although this update is adding a lot of new features to the game, Grounded still remains in active development and is being made by a much smaller team at Obsidian. The team promised earlier in the year that updates for the game would be slowing down to allow for more significant batches of content to be introduced, so this might be one of the last ones for a little while. Grounded is available as part of Xbox Game Pass right now.

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