Discussion: Battlescar, Doom 3, And The Outlook For 2021

This week’s VR Download Games discussion covered Battlescar, Doom 3 on Oculus Quest, System Shock 2, and the overall outlook for virtual reality in 2021.

We also encountered a funny bug in our custom-built virtual recording studio wherein David couldn’t hear me, which forced him to depend on our live viewers to ensure I wasn’t insulting him live on YouTube.

Check out the discussion here:


Here’s a list of the key timestamps if you don’t have time to watch the whole show:

  • 1:08 – Battlescar
  • 3:36 – Doom 3 for Quest
  • 9:04 – Mare
  • 10:21 – Quest getting multiple accounts
  • 14:14 – Dragon Quest VR?
  • 17:13 – 1.7 million new SteamVR users in 2020
  • 20:42 – PSVR 2020 Top Sellers
  • 27:22 – System Shock 2 VR
  • 31:53 – Hitman 3 PSVR
  • 37:20 – Where is VR going in 2021?
  • 56:40 – Outro

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