Dr Disrespect Makes Official Statement Regarding Lying About Twitch Drops

When Riot Games announced that players could access the closed beta of VALORANT through Twitch Drops, viewers turned up by the millions to watch the select few streamers who had been chosen to play, promote, and act as a source for beta codes. DrDisrespect was not among those chosen streamers, but that didn’t stop him from duping players into thinking that he was a legitimate source, writing “Drops Enabled” in his Twitch stream title.

In response to the anger from fans who felt tricked into thinking they had a shot at gaining access to VALORANT, DrDisrespect said, “A lot of people were upset. News outlets picked it up: Kotaku, GameStop. So, I would like to officially put out an official response. I don’t give a fuck,” followed by a deadpan that would last for fifteen seconds, before concluding that, “You’re looking at the best in the business in the, baby.”

The statement is perfectly on brand for DrDisrespect, and anyone who was expecting anything resembling an actual apology is probably not familiar with the streamer and the character’s persona. For anyone who was watching his stream and is still hoping to get into the closed beta, the same rules apply, and readers can click here for a full list of instructions.

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