Dying Light 2 – How To Get A Bow

Dying Light 2 features a variety of different zombie-killing weapons for Aiden to use. Although most of these are disposable and break easily, there are a few more unique ones that last a little bit longer and are worth keeping an eye out for.

One such weapon is the bow, which is its own weapon class within Dying Light 2. There are several throughout the game, although you'll find the first one around the halfway point as you enter the game's second map, the Central Loop.

How To Unlock A Bow In Dying Light 2

The first bow you'll unlock in Dying Light 2 comes as a reward for the "Let's Waltz" mission. This is a fairly long story mission that takes place as the final mission before you unlock the game's second, much bigger map. You'll chase Waltz through a tunnel and over a bridge, before running into Lawan, one of the game's main characters.

After a short chase sequence, you and Lawan will find yourself in some tunnels, and the mission will end. You'll find the bow and blueprints for various types of arrows in your inventory once you've completed the mission. It's worth noting that the next mission, "A Place To Call Home" will automatically start after that one.

For a world that doesn't have any guns, the bow is one of the only long-range weapon choices you'll have in Dying Light 2, besides the also-hard-to-find crossbow. One of its biggest advantages is that it doesn't degrade with use, meaning that as long as you've got the ammo,

Its ammo is arrows, which can be found throughout the world or crafted yourself. If you're planning on focusing on long-range combat, there are several skills in the parkour skill tree that you're going to want to unlock, including ones that let you parkour while using the bow and being able to aim down the sights.

How To Unlock The Paper Clip Bow In Dying Light 2

Although the bow you get from "Let's Waltz" is functional, it's far from the strongest in the game. The next best bow in the game is the "Paper Clip" and it can also be found in one of the game's story missions.

You can find the Paper Clip during the mission "The Shoe". Lawan will ask you to go into her apartment and find a pair of shoes for her. When you get to her room and look in the shoebox, the Paper Clip bow can be found sitting on the shelf opposite her bed. Simply pick it up to add it to your inventory and you've now got a much stronger bow on your hands.

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