EA Mocks Battlefield Leak By Comparing It To Spaghetti

Battlefield 6 is starting to make some buzz thanks to a recent survey from EA that asked Battlefield players if they liked Call of Duty: Warzone. Well, the survey didn’t specifically mention Warzone, but it did ask about free-to-play battle royale modes with tons of people and a battle pass, so I guess it could have been referring to Apex Legends or something.

Besides the survey, rumors are starting to pop online about what to expect in Battlefield 6. According to 4News.it chief editor Roberto Serrano, Battlefield 6 will be about “modern warfare,” have multiplayer modes for 16-128 players, and indeed will have a free-to-play battle royale component that will launch in early 2022. The single-player game itself, simply titled “Battlefield,” will apparently arrive this fall on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

Serrano’s tweet seems to jive with other rumors that have sprung up over the weekend (more on that in a minute), but for some reason, the official Battlefield Twitter account responded to Serrano with a truly bizarre comparison to spaghetti.

Serrano’s tweet rattled off a list of rumors surrounding Battlefield 6, so the Battlefield Twitter account responded with a list of “facts” regarding spaghetti. These included such tidbits as “noodley [sic], slippy, good with sauce, good with garlic bread,” and “is spaghetti.”

Perhaps this is making light of Serrano being Italian, but either way, it’s kind of weird.

And besides, Serrano isn’t alone in reporting on the upcoming Battlefield game. VGC quotes influencer Tom Henderson for posting several factoids about DICE’s upcoming military shooter, starting with a confirmation on the chosen name.

Set 10 years in the future, Battlefield will feature advanced robots, drones, jets, choppers, and tanks in a co-op capable campaign that lets the player swap sides to see the war from either the American or Russian sides.

“The campaign will focus on you and your specialist unit,” Henderson wrote, “where you’ll be able to choose which superpower you fight for.” In this case, fictional future war, China apparently is staying out of this Cold War reboot.

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