Elden Ring Fan Holds Fake Goldmask Reddit AMA

"Hello fellow tarnished, I am the official voice actor for the Goldmask NPC in Elden Ring!" user loox71 wrote. "AMA from now until 8:00 UTC. Ask me anything!"

"What was your favourite voice line?" Constant-Lychee-8132 asked. "…" loox71 replied. "So I burned the tree and not only [did you disappear] but [you] also took my priest with you. Why did you [leave] his clothes though?" Ok_Cheesecake2420 asked. Again, loox71 replied, "…"

"Can we get a moment of silence for all the NPCs whose quests end with them dying?" asked Shleepo. Loox71, as you can expect, replied, "…" If you don't get it, it's because Goldmask doesn't speak. There is no "voice actor" to hold an AMA. But the trick did nearly catch a few people out. Most simply joined in on the fun and played along or similarly commented, "…"

But not every answer was "…", as marukisjuice posed, "Would you like to go out on a date, good sir?" Look71 replied, "…?" Take that to mean what you will.

Goldmask is part of Corhyn's questline – you first find them at the Altus Plateau in the forest by the bridge. You can then find him again after you reach Leyndell by the Colosseum. Then again at the Mountaintops of The Giants. His part of the quest ends in you getting a big sunflower mask to decorate your Tarnished with.

They've quickly become a fan-favourite despite saying nothing and doing little. But with a cool mask like that, how could they not be one of the most popular NPCs?

But while they don't say anything, some did find a way to work answers out of them during this fake AMA. "Reply with silence ('…') if Ranni is best girl," said GlassedGhost. "…" replied loox71. Looks like Goldmask is a Ranni stan.

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