Elden Ring: How To Complete The Jar Bairn Questline

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From ancient witches to amnesiac amputees, Elden Ring is filled with an abundance of questlines to experience on your journey through the Lands Between. However, while these quests are interesting and can often have game-changing consequences, they are tough to follow.

One of the game’s more unique questlines was added in a post-release patch and follows a youthful Jar, taking you to the hidden village of Jarburg as you get to know this talkative pot in a quest that ties in with two of Elden Ring’s major characters.

Meet Jar Bairn In Jarburg

To begin this questline, you will first need to have gained access to the area known as Liurnia of the Lakes. Once in this part of the Lands Between, Jarburg can be found just south of the Carian Study Hall, as pictured above.

To get to this unassuming hamlet, you will have to utilize Torrent, your mount, jumping down via the slabs jutting out of the cliff face. These jumps can be quite tough, so be sure to use Torrent and time them correctly, as the fall will spell your demise.

The area above Jarburg also houses a boss named the Tibia Mariner. This enemy can be avoided by circling around it.

Once you have arrived in Jarburg, claim the site of grace and speak with Jar Bairn. He can be found sitting atop a set of stone steps. Approach him to begin this quest.

Speak With Jar Bairn

The next step in this questline will be to befriend this infant jar. Having spoken with Jar Bairn, choose the dialogue option that states “I’ll be your Potentate to begin his questline in earnest. Don’t worry if you have previously rejected his offer; you can change your mind at any point.

Unfortunately, Jar Bairn will inform you that you are not fit to be Potentate due to your warrior-like hands and bid you farewell. This hints at the next stage of this questline, finding these jars a Potentate.

Diallos And The Jars

To continue Jar Bairn’s story you will first need to progress the questline of another NPC. Diallos can initially be found in the Roundtable Hold, Elden Ring’s hub area, where he will inform you that his lifelong friend has gone missing.

Continuing Diallos’ questline will lead you to the Volcano Manor. Once there, you will need to speak with him and then progress the side quest until you are tasked with killing Juno Hoslow, a relative of Diallos.

Following this, Diallos should leave the Volcano Manor and travel to Jarburg.

Head to Jarburg once more to find Diallos in one of the village’s huts, speak with him and exhaust his dialogue. From here, reload the area at the nearest site of grace and speak with Jar Bairn and Diallos, exhausting their dialogue too. You may have to reload the area several times as the new dialogue options do not always appear on your first try.

Having spoken with them both, head to the site of grace and pass the time, two whole day and night cycles usually works here. Now, speak with Jar Bairn again, who will have moved to the village's center and then to Diallos.

During this conversation, you will learn of Diallos’ fate and his role as the Potentate of Jarburg.

After your conversation with Diallos, reload the area one last time to find Jar Bairn in the spot where Diallos last was. Speak with him here and exhaust his dialogue.

Alexander And The Companion Jar Talisman

One key fact you will learn during your conversations with Jar Bairn is that Alexander the Warrior Jar, a character you will meet throughout your journey in the Lands Between, is his uncle.

To fully complete Jar Bairn’s questline, you must have also concluded Alexander’s story. For a full rundown on Alexander’s story, check out our guide on how to complete Alexander, The Iron Fist’s questline.

Once you have completed this game-spanning quest, head back to Jarburg and give Jar Bairn the item named “Alexander’s Innards,” and in return, you will receive the Companion Jar talisman. This item improves your skill when throwing pots.

With that, you will have concluded the story of what has to be Elden Ring’s most adorable character, helping them discover their inner warrior along the way.

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